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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Now that The Pond has burgeoned to an 18-strong creative collaboration, Clinton Ulyatt has jumped in to help liaise with ad and design agencies and provide a better service. With a long history in talent management and most recently suiting at Y&R, Ulyatt will be taking care of all the booking, bartering, budgeting and briefing, so Pond creatives get on with the job at hand.
Ulyatt can be contacted at
  • The Pond
  • or on 021 442295.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    shit these pond dudes are growing fast.

    11:32 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Shit you obviously work there.

    12:16 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Soon they'll be The Lake

    12:30 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice photo clint, very sharp as per usual. nice smug smile.

    10:59 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How much will they put daily rates up by now.

    1:36 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Looks like Geoffrey Dickman sans hair

    3:48 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You funny little inbreeds crack me up.

    8:55 AM NZDT


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