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Thursday, April 12, 2007


NZ Lotteries' has today confirmed yesterday's NZCC post that DDB has been appointed to handle its advertising account.
"The pitch was extremely close with outstanding presentations made by the three short-listed agencies," says NZ Lotteries Head of Marketing, Wendy Rayner.
"We have chosen DDB because of their multi-tiered and truly integrated approach. All elements of their pitch were based on sound strategic thinking and an excellent understanding of our business."
Mrs Rayner said she would also like to pay tribute to Lowe for their contribution to the business.
"There has been some fantastic work produced for us by Lowe and we have valued their input into our business," she said.
The commercial terms of the relationship are expected to be finalised within the next fortnight. The transition to the new agency will then take place, with NZ Lotteries contract with Lowe finishing in May.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good choice.

IMO the best agency in town - though the other two candidates are A-list as well.

Their work on The Warehouse shows they can add value to hard-working retail accounts, as well as running award-bait print jobs off colour-printers.

- someone who doesn't work for DDB.

12:06 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the Lotto people made a real bum choice last time around - will be interesting to see if they were gun shy this time, or whether they have learnt how to pick a good agency, not a good campaign...

8:58 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Award bait jobs off colour printers... sharp, in an ouch-cutty way.

And adding retail value.

But never at the same time.


4:39 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...


No mystery. We all know an agency's creative rep relies on awards, by hook or by crook.

How much value did, say, the tomato sauce thing in 'Blood' add to anything other than the agency and individuals involved?

Did Sky actually put up any of those 'Spice/Playboy' Channel 'Plan B' posters that scored at Cannes? Or did the agency run just enough copies off a colour printer to enter in award shows?

Good on them. That's how the game is played, but what task did it perform other than 'win awards'?

Agencies, like creatives, have to do two jobs these days. Win awards and add value to clients' brands.

Doing it at the same time is great, but we all know it doesn't always happen that way.

Those agencies they are good at one tend to be good at both, presumably because the brains and organistion that does one well will also do the other well.

Successful CDs can do both, and get good real work through as well as stuff that exists solely to win awards.

11:21 AM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, 11:21. I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am, but it is refreshing to see a sane and considered comment like yours.

At last, someone here who understands how the business works, and how the egos are massaged while the books are being balanced.

Everybody else: back to the feuds, the pom-bashing, and the general smallmindedness.

8:12 PM NZST


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