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Friday, April 27, 2007


Vodafone GM of brand, Craig Herbison, has resigned and will be heading up the Commonwealth Bank account for STW Village in Sydney, which has been confirmed by STW CEO Mike Connaghan in Sydney. This comes only a day after the announcement that Colenso BBDO would get the Vodafone NZ business, not (as some expected) the combination of Ogilvy (part owned by STW) and international incumbent JWT.
In another twist, the Commonwealth Bank has just appointed US hotshop Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco to handle the Brand side of the business, leaving the retail side to STW Village. To read all about this controversy, see the
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A brave and honorable man indeed, appointing Colenso, knowing he was about to join STW in Sydney! Although in Australia, it looks like Vodafone will also join the STW Village People.

    7:43 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow. So an ex-STW guy comes in from overseas as Voda marketing boss, puts the account up for pitch, suddenly realises that the STW companies are not very good in NZ, is forced to give it to Colenso, loses a good DM/interactive agency in the process, and then buggers off to Oz and back into the arms of STW?

    Boy, those guys at Lowe and Draft must be feeling pretty fucked over right now ...

    12:03 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Is that you Chris H?

    4:15 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    you forgot to mention Oktobor who did a lot of the interactive work for Draft

    8:03 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    “This is an exciting year for Vodafone and we have some very big challenges ahead of us. We are delighted to be taking that journey with Colenso and Aim Proximity on board,” says Herbison.

    Damn, that's a bit long for a Tui billboard. The only journey Herbison's taking is to Sydney.

    9:04 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "A brave and honorable man indeed".
    Whoever posted this shit, must be from Colenso. Just be happy you won the business and stop the posturing. Herbison wasn't the key guy as anyone remotely involved will tell you.

    9:38 PM NZST

    Anonymous Frank B. said...


    10:27 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Herbison wasn't the key guy as anyone remotely involved will tell you."

    Anyone other than Herbison that is.

    11:09 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Vodafone marketing doesn't have any key guys, that's the problem.

    6:46 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Try due dilligence next time guys. Craig has had six jobs in five years.

    8:06 PM NZST


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