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Monday, May 14, 2007


Recently an Argentinian commercial appeared on Best Ads on TV that had used five directors to shoot their own interpretation of a script, a concept we in NZ are already a little familiar with.
Explains Film Construction GM, Stephen Douglas: "In January 2006 Film Construction began making an ad for Colenso BBDO for
  • The New Zealand Book Council
  • . The idea was NO TWO PEOPLE READ THE SAME BOOK. Five Film Construction directors were independently briefed to shoot the same scene from a book. Armed only with a description of the main character and a narrated passage, each director came up with their own treatment to illustrate the way an individual reader might see the scene in their head. Because of the project nature of the job and lack of budget each director would shoot and edit their scene as and when they could fit it into their own schedules.
    "In November, 11 months later, we finally had all five scenes to compile together and put to air. The end of what was a fantastic and fascinating project for us all. (As I’m sure the Argentine one was too.)"

    Agency: ColensoBBDO
    Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
    Creative Team: Steve Cochran
    Agency Producer: Jen Storey
    Production Company: Film Construction
    Producers: Edwina Monaghan, Scott Donaldson, Jackie Ludlam, Mary Wall, Rachel Paget
    Directors: Barry Fawcett, Dennis Hitchcock, Felicity Morgan-Rhind, Michael Duigan, Matt Palmer.
    Editors: Fiona Hayden
    Sound: Soundtrax
    Grading: Digital Post


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No two people read the same book

    But all five directors produce the same film.

    What a wasted opportunity.

    1:39 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Very nice...also noticed it is a finalist at Axis!

    2:27 PM NZST

    Anonymous jello Biafra said...

    Viva Las Malvinas!

    5:23 PM NZST


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