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Friday, June 01, 2007


AWARD is a non-political, non-profit organisation with but a single idea: the raising of standards in all creative areas. Its charter is to set standards of creative excellence, to promote this concept in the business arena and to educate and inspire the next creative generation.

Any work first published or aired between July 22nd 2006 and July 8th 2007.

AWARD now accepts work that has appeared anywhere in the world, with the following requirements:

A - In all non-craft categories, work must have originated and been completed in Asia, New Zealand or Australia.

B - In craft categories, the work must have been completed by an Asian, New Zealand or Australian supplier, even if originated elsewhere.

The AWARD Chairman of Judges 2007 is Toby Talbot, ECD of DDB New Zealand. Judging panels will be released at next month.

The AWARD Call for Entry website is open until Friday 6th July, 2007.

All entries must be submitted online. Full details are available on the Call for Entries website as a downloadable PDF file provided in English, Chinese, Thai and Japanese.



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