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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


New Zealand had its worst result of the festival so far with the release of the Cyber Lions shortlist with only four campaigns recognised while Australia did slightly better with six. There were 2711 entries in Cyber from 49 countries. New Zealand only entered 25 pieces of work and Australia entered 77.
Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland had two Cyber shortlists, one for Women’s Refuge ‘Sound Bruises’ and the other for New Zealand Army’s ‘Bluetooth Mission’. Clemenger BBDO Wellington had one shortlist for Land Transport NZ ‘Phone Legends’ as did Publicis Mojo Auckland for Coca-Cola’s ‘Spoons’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four finalists out of 25 isn't really so bad is it?

Now I'm reading the latest Sad Media - Cannes Entries edition - and it is entertaining. Good to see everyone got their Cannes entries into Ad Media before the award deadline (phew) - and nice to see some of them are literally their Cannes entries. It is very educational for the local industry to see how it awards are best entered.

I think Saatchi's Stepford Wives is a sweet idea ( yes, it's a scam, and not a cheap one, but whatever it takes etc...) but come on - '" coinciding with a predicted period of bad weather, the billboard was rained on every day. Auckland received more than double the usual rainfall during this time."

A media Lion if that's the case. What planning!

Toni Marsh

9:36 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Toni, how did the club rugby work out in France?

2:11 PM NZST


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