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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Is the Cannes Grand Prix winning NZRU/Adidas 'Bonded By Blood' campaign all that original after all? This link to a
  • on the ABC website from February 2005 suggests a similar idea has been done before in Australia by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney for the Waratahs.


    Anonymous F.B. said...

    And someone else has been a ball:


    3:22 pm NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    God, here we go again. How dare the agency not spend months researching their idea globally for the last century to make sure it hadn't ever, ever, been hinted at anywhere at any time. How dare they.

    5:44 pm NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    They didn't have to research globally, just in this region. One would think the NZRU would be aware of what's happening with the Waratahs. And TBWA\Whybin should know what Aussie agencies are up to (particularly a major creative agency like Saatchi), especially as that campaign had been publicised.

    11:16 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So you're saying that "publicising" it is that one website you've dug up? Did you find it anywhere else you little ad sleuth you? Anyway, who want's Warratah sweat?

    11:30 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Same idea, same sport, same region.

    Same old story.

    11:48 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Same old sour grapes

    12:59 pm NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It may not be the job of the agency to 'research every part of the globe', but surely it is a responsibility of apparently well informed judges of any award show worth its salt?

    1:26 pm NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How come, with all the Aussie judges on the panel, not one of them went "Hmm, something familiar about this one..."?

    4:17 pm NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How come the ad didnt win at Canne if it was so good? Or anywhere? Surely if it is 'the same idea' it should have won

    5:33 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    pretty simple. the aussie one was shyte. therefore no one noticed it. the all blacks one was the real deal. and it rocked. therefore everyone noticed it. end of story.

    11:04 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    11.04 - everyone noticed it apart from the general public in NZ. There again they weren't the real target audience.

    10:02 am NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How dare a bunch of Kiwi ad people not notice what is happening in local Australian rugby.

    10:27 am NZST


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