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Friday, July 13, 2007


Robber’s Dog has signed director Tracey Rowe and producer Lee Thomson, whom they will exclusively represent in Australasia.
Tracey’s visual work is a perfect complement to the styles of current directors Adam Stevens and Chris Dudman. And Lee’s enormous experience as a producer strengthens the pedigree of the Dog. Both are ex Silverscreen Australia, which folded a few months back.
Tracey is completing her first job for Robber’s Dog - an Australian Unity spot for DDB Melbourne.
For a copy of Tracey’s latest reel you can contact either Lee Thomson on +61 411 888 161 or lthompson@robbersdog.com.au , or Mark Foster on +64 9 376 0700 at the office or on his mobile +64 21 641 150 or at mfoster@robbersdog.co.nz. You can also see Tracey’s reel at www.robbersdog.co.nz.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah new director, big deal. Can we get back to the stories that promote bitching, backstabbing, sour grapes and all the things we dont have the balls to say in person.
That's what we all come here for right?

6:30 PM NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

new director?

4:35 PM NZST


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