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Thursday, August 09, 2007


On the back of the 'Gingerbread Haka' success, Blackwood Communications Group, Auckland and Kangoo Animation have started a charity auction on TradeMe to raise money for the Starship Children's Hospital.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A great thing to do Blackwood,in my opinion it couldn't go to a better cause.
    I think everybody should go through Starship
    hospital at least once for a reality check,again
    thanks Blackwood Communications Group.

    Signed......A Parent

    12:48 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough already. Rather send your time taking a wee look at this:


    3:39 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    When the revolution comes Pakeha in their ivory towers who have butchered and distorted our proud culture for commercial gain will be called to pay the price.

    Kia Kaha

    7:28 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Fantastic, that's the best thing about charities! They're such easy marks for agencies. So many awards are won off them and we get to draw a warm fuzzy glow off our association with them. This says nothing more than BK saw an opportunity to super-size a message about themselves. Support good causes by all means, but do it for the right reasons. Thanks for showing us what a bunch of cruds you really are.

    12:22 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's probably more bakered than butchered.

    1:03 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This won't ever win anything - so don't sweat it.

    9:14 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    7:28 What a loser you are "Bro"
    I was going to say get a job but that would be pushing it.

    9:37 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The internet makes ideas seem bigger than they are.

    11:25 AM NZST


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