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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Film Brewery is the new name of Chris Graham and Treza Gallogly’s film company, born out of the (very young!) ashes of the past name of gladwrap flicks.
Says Chris Graham: "We loved the gladwrap name," said Chris, "as it made most people laugh, but after 3 legal bouts in the boxing ring with the nice owners of the glad trademark, we figured their pockets and boxing gloves were way larger than ours. So in our enthusiasm to move ahead, with our newborn company, we decided to start fresh and re-brand ourselves as The Film Brewery."
Chris Graham has also been busy with his best work yet, his first newborn daughter Mala – who arrived just 10 days ago.
He has also just completed two music videos for Scribe’s new singles both on rotation now, and they have already shot their first TVC together, being the SPARC ‘Volunteers’ TVC for Y&R Wellington.
Chris Graham's second feature film, the psychological horror ‘The Ferryman’, [starring John Rhys Davies & Kerry Fox] opens in theatres nationwide in November this year. His first feature ‘Sione’s Wedding’ is still playing on the international circuit, and is currently enjoying huge success in Italy.
The pair are ready for more action, so you can contact them through treza@thefilmbrewery.co.nz. You can view their work on the website:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, a mate who knows about these things has just told me that several large brewing companies have heard about your new name and are now consulting their lawyers. Reckon you should change your name quick to something safe like, i dunno, Walt Disney Productions or something.

12:44 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gladwrap eh.....I would have thought 'Clingfilms' would have been an obvious choice.....

6:28 pm NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,
a Mate just told me that you aren't the only one with this name either... No wonder you are everywhere all at once.

9:47 am NZST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, a mate who knows about these things just told me that there are lots of people with your name. They are all over blogs and the web, everywhere all at once apparently. Reckon you should change your name to your real one or something.

11:21 am NZST


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