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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Park Road Post Production will soon have the biggest Digital Intermediate infrastructure in New Zealand. The facility is adding a second Quantel 4K Pablo suite to its current DI offering of the Quantel 4K Pablo, iQ, Pandora and Spirit Telecine.
The new setup will enable Park Road to work simultaneously on several projects, dramatically improve workflow, and deliver the facilities world-class results in much shorter timescales.
The new 4K Pablo will work in conjunction with the existing Pablo suite. The suites will be connected and share the same 32 terabytes of storage, enabling both Pablo suites to work on the same clips at the same time. Projects can be moved between suites without the need to export or import any data.
Head of Digital Intermediate Adam Scott says the new Pablo will create a very elegant way to share projects.
“Our clients will love that we can have two 4K Pablo suites working together on the one project without one slowing the other down, for example, colour grading on one and VFX fixes on the other.
“Essentially we will be able to offer maximum operation with minimum interruptions. Clients are a lot more techno-savvy nowadays and demand a better, faster, cheaper result. Our clients will love it.”
Since Park Road installed its first Pablo 12 months ago the following feature films have gone through the suite: Bridge to Terabithia, Lucky Miles, The Ten Commandments, Gun of Mercy, The Water Horse, 30 Days of Night, The Tattooist and Rain of the Children.
In addition, Park Road is also getting SAM, a CIFS server, to provide open read/write access to all media on the shared storage. SAM integrates the media management and relationships between third party products like Shake and Combustion to access the files directly from the Pablo storage and put back when finished.
This technology will save a huge amount of time with regards to data transfers and the like and will dramatically change workflows.
SAM enables DCI (Digital Cinema) and DVD authoring systems to access the final files all without any interruption to the two Pablo suites.
The new Pablo is to be installed over the Christmas break and will be up and running in January 2008.


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