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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here's a nice little movie from early on in last Thursday’s 8th AXIS Adschool end of year show. It ended up an absolute corker of a night, with numbers again being well up and a couple of pleasant diversions including having senior creatives’ early portfolios on view and Juice TV’s Reanin doing interviews with current and ex students for feeds to the ‘Coke Generator’ show.
Dean Howie at CAANZ e-mailed the next day to say ‘A thoroughly enjoyable evening. There was some great work on display and I'm sure your students will go on to serve the industry well - hopefully within a CAANZ member agency!’
Pretty much the entire TBWA and Tequila Creative depts, and Devo, came in for an early special preview (their Sky City celebration party later that night had prompted the request). They’re a happy crew, very much open to different thinking and fun ideas, and really helped to kick start the students’ crucial last few hours on the course.
Thanks to Andrew Mitchell and friends, there was a lot more emphasis on Direct Response, Integration and Digital Interactive this year, and this helped make everyone’s books more varied and fizzy. Industry panel members who’d assessed portfolios in mid October were impressed by how much the students’ books had moved on in the following 3 weeks, and this, plus the previous 33 weeks of hard work meant that 11 offers of placements were made on the night (that we know of- Friday morning was a little bleary), and several solo players and teams have already started in at agencies.
So, many thanks to everyone who came by to give advice, contacts and encouragement- although it’s still early days, your contribution was a great beginning to the next part of 14 very happy and determined new creatives’ careers.

From AXIS Adschool course tutors David Bell, Randall Inch and Kate Humphries.


Blogger Trickey Dickey said...

All very creative! If there are any students left who haven't been snapped up by the Goliaths of the industry we're looking for some fresh blood here. So if you're a Pasty Creative or Mac Op looking for some sun to join our bronzed and rudely healthy creative team...get in touch!

4:19 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Trickey Dickey, How do i get in touch wiht you. sign Axis stud.

11:10 AM NZDT

Blogger Trickey Dickey said...

You can get hold of me on 021 677 872

2:40 PM NZDT


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