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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Digipost’s formidable telecine department offers yet another option to meet growing client demand. The leading Auckland based post production company has added a Baselight Four non-linear, software-based colour grading system to its arsenal.
The new Baselight Four is a key component of Digipost’s Digital Intermediate pipeline. Digipost chose Baselight over a range of products on offer. “In true Digipost fashion, having listened to what our clients were saying, we did our homework and came up with the right product for our clients”, said Peter Williams, Senior Colourist at Digipost.
Digipost’s investment in the DI process is a reflection of current world trends in post production. The shift towards DI in the feature film market is well established, whilst DI style non-linear grading is finding favour with commercial clients due to its workflow and cost advantages.
The Baselight Four is at home with all input and output resolutions and formats including SD, HD, 2K or 4K, and its non-linear architecture and flexibility offers clients completely new creative possibilities.
Completing Digipost’s DI environment is the newly installed Spirit 2K telecine-scanner, which can produce real-time 2K data files from 35mm film. Images can then be graded on monitor, or in Digipost’s purpose built grading theatre projected by another world-class addition, the Christie CP2000ZX projector. Altogether, Digipost provides a premium DI grading experience.
Says new General Manager Stephen Douglas: “Although we are really chuffed to have what we feel are the best telecine toys in town, it still comes back to the talent, the people who are actually pushing the buttons. Having Dave, Pete and Gerard in the Telecine team at Digipost puts us well and truly on top of the pile.”


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