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Monday, December 24, 2007


UPDATE: The silent 'only for dog ears' song 'A Very Silent Night' has gone to #1 on the charts...

The Film Brewery has shot a video and TVC to support Draft FCB’s world first for SPCA - a CD single featuring a song just for dogs!
The Christmas single, A Very Silent Night, has been recorded at the highest frequencies possible for compact disc recordings, so that only dogs can hear it.
Chris Graham and Treza Gallogly got the call from creatives Alex Dyer and Colin Mitchell, on Thursday at 4pm - and jumped in paws and all – managing to turn around a full day’s shooting within 4 days (including a weekend!)…
As it happens, Graham’s brother, David, had just bred 5 new pure bred French Mastiff pups (only 6 weeks old), and seeing as this was the same breed as the photo on the front of the CD, they knew that fate meant them to shoot the ad!
The video and TVC are styled on Scribe’s ‘Not Many’’ video (which Graham also directed), and Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ video, the cast features 14 dogs, rapper Dei Hamo as Santa and two gorgeous models as elves.
In keeping with the CD, the TVC will be inaudible to human ears with subtitles asking the public to “buy the CD so they don’t end up in the dog house”.
All the crew and suppliers jumped in, and donated their time, equipment and services for free. In particular, Aaron Morton DoP, Animals on Q, who advised them and spent the day on set, Digital Post, who are providing all the post-production and animation, and Sam Brunette (who has 3 very large Great Danes himself), edited the video and TVC in just 2 days!!
The single is available exclusively from The Warehouse for only $4.99, and is the perfect stocking-stuffer for dogs and a feel-good fundraiser for the SPCA.
Check out a very doggy tail, at this link to TV3’s
  • Sunrise breakfast show

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Neat idea. Is the TVC on the disc too? Or will there be a DVD put out?

    8:56 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    brilliant idea, I love it..

    12:21 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice Job! Also 'Big Ups' to all the very nice people helping out! Good to see the Xmas spirit is alive and kicking!

    12:46 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    choice idea! Fits right into the 'wish i came up with that' category.

    2:49 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It is a great idea and hope it works but M&C Sydney did the same idea for Syedney Dogs Home via a radio ad two months ago as reported in B&T. Shame, it is nice but M&C got there first

    6:07 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    AdNews actually... late September...they did a radio ad with a silent frequency for a dog charity - I remember it 'cos it was the 3rd most read article thay issue...

    10:28 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The article also says that it was for a Sydney shelter yet it was played on a radio station miles from Sydney where it wouldn't have mattered to anyone who heard it so the one done here is the first 'relevant' time it's been done.

    1:34 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ha ha.

    Now we're going 'relevant'? Now we're concerned with the right target market seeing things?

    Okay, everyone involved with 'bad squirrel' and that invisible man thing with the dog that only the photographer and judges saw, hand your gongs back....now.

    This particular game is played by the first one to get their entry into the award shows.

    3:54 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Excellent. I can't wait to 'hear' it.

    7:03 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr 'Relevant' - sounds like sour grapes to me.
    At least the radio ad, which came first, had a script attached, which people could hear and make online donations to the charity - yes, without having to walk to Sydney.... the Internet is truly amazing.
    The CD, on the other hand, only speaks to dogs.
    last time I checked, they weren't trained to donate.

    11:56 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    A simple question 'Mr Internet'. Would you donate to a dogs home in Bosnia? You can with the internet, you know, but you'd probably choose to donate to a charity that was relevant to you. Sour grapes? No. Just pointing out the truth. And it reeks of the agency only caring about themselves, not their client who will have derived nothing from this, unlike the SPCA which I imagine will generate heaps of donations. Shameful.

    CD1. Radio ad miles away 0.

    7:27 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As long as the SPCA make money, isn't that all that matters?

    2:11 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    exactly - and the charity will make money.
    because, Geography Lesson #2: Bosnia is, um, a little further away than Tamworth; Sydney brands advertise on Tamworth radio all the time, for the simple reason that there's a lot of connections and weekend travel between the two.
    it's a bit of a Holier than Thou argument, when a CD for dogs is blatantly aimerd at awards anyway.
    may the first to do it win - fair's fair.

    6:09 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    good point Mr Internet.
    not to mention the fact that yes, I would donate to a charity in Bosnia, if I cared; I donated to a charity in Indonesia after the tsunamis and one in Turket after the earthquake. (cue violions)
    so why not. if there's a URL and you care, you donate.
    and Sydney's even closer to home than Tamworth.

    6:17 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    congratulations guys!!! top ten...

    just saw the video - (http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=gS-abHVVYQs) ... nice work film brewery etc...

    4:41 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Absolutely 2.11. The charity making money is what really matters.

    But creatively you have to be first or you can't enter into awards. Or shouldn't.

    So if the ad in Tamworth generated money for the charity in Sydney then not only were they first but they also did real good too.

    But all award shit aside, number six in the charts (and the money) is a great result for SPCA. Well done.

    8:01 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Don't you think you're missing the point? There's a big difference between making an ad and putting it on the radio and recording a song and releasing a CD that becomes part of popular culture.
    One is an ad, the other is a self-funding, money-making idea of the type that will make agencies more relevant to business in a changing media world.
    The latter should be rewarded to encourage more of that thinking, which will be for the benefit of all of us.

    And if you want to talk about 'done before', The Beatles got there first on Sargent Pepper. Anyway, releasing a CD is a much better execution of that idea than a radio ad.

    That's my two US Dollars worth anyway.

    5:09 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My Dog prefers Britney.

    12:59 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear K9s,
    How much more do we have to put up with…
    * Tasteless petfood
    * Infra-dig beauty parlours
    * Broken dogbowls
    * Unhygienic kennels
    * Left-overs on weekends - whoever came up with doggy bags should be bitten
    * And now this – a single for Xmas. What if we don’t like it, which tree do we bark up
    Maybe we can’t speak. But we can bite. Beware of the dog – and his Parker. Life's a bitch & so am I. Howl with a very silent woof, a dry whine & a big Xmas whimper.
    Paws truly,
    Tinkerbell Hilton
    {PS - RIP Cricket… we’ll miss you.}

    Cheers DraftFCB, this one's got 4 legs.

    4:55 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Exactly 5:09 AM NZDT, releasing a CD is a way better idea than a dumb radio ad that nobody "heard", literally.
    This idea is brilliant.
    I hope the pups get some money and the creatives get some awards.

    Well done all involved.

    9:48 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    CD - listeners already know that digs will react to it.
    Surprise element: zero.
    RADIO - out of the blue, dogs go mental when the ad comes on.
    Surprise element: huge.

    Which is the better execution?
    My mama always taught me surprise was key.

    RADIO: 100
    CD: 1

    12:24 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Can someone translate the 4.55 comment? Sucking up is all very well but at least be intelligible huh?

    11:21 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah so long as spca makes money but fcb shouldnt milk it for an award - doesnt seem like them to be doing that (though they are).

    Since we're debating the chicken or egg theory (which ad came first) I'd like to mention Tony B's great retail series for NAB, in particular the Ski execution. Has anyone seen the recent issue of Campaign Brief which has exactly same idea for a WA client (the only diff being it's a surfer not a skier). I wonder what ad came first- it seems to big a coincidence...


    10:55 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    by jingoes you've hit the nail on the head. the comment from what obviously were fcb employees reflects poorly on them and i doubt would have come from billie or chris.

    1:12 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    number 3 in the charts..

    nice work lads..

    fuck the haters..

    11:08 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Fuck the haters?

    What about fuck the people? – coz you know it's vitally important the cutesy-wutesy little pussies and doggies don't go hungry-wungry.

    Nice work, but there are better things to do with your money.

    1:02 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm 5.09, a few comments up. I don't work at FCB. Why do you assume that the only people with good things to say are the ones who work at the agency?

    It's a good idea. Good on the guys who did it. Number 3 in the charts is more than any radio ad evder got.

    And they absolutely should milk it for awards. it's doing well for the SPCA, so what's the harm in the agency benefitting as well.

    8:56 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Not just number 3 anymore... It is now the Christmas number one!

    6:44 pm NZDT

    Anonymous tatsie said...

    fuck yeah, that's amazing.. nice work lads..

    6:58 am NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    nice one.

    9:12 pm NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cannes judge:

    Q1: 'Which was first?'

    Q2: 'Which is more surprising?'

    Q3: 'Where's my coke?'

    12:48 pm NZDT


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