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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Leading visual effects company Oktobor has relaunched its colour department through the acquisition of international talent and a substantial investment in upgraded technology.
Peter Ritchie, one of the world's leading colourists, rejoined Oktobor recently after an initial stint with the company that began in 2004. Formerly with Iloura in Melbourne and Digital Pictures in Sydney, he is enthusiastic about the new environment at Oktobor and the rare opportunity to work so collaboratively with the tight knit team of world class visual effects artists and the Directors they attract.
“It’s great to be back and with this new investment in technology we’re better placed than ever before to provide the sort of creative solutions our existing and potential clients require,” he said.
The suite has been designed and rebuilt from the ground up to Pete’s spec and makes for an extremely comfortable working environment for both colourist and clients. A state of the art Spirit Datacine will assist them to roll out for clients what Patrick McAteer, General Manager, Oktobor, refers to as ‘creative convergence’.
“Because our work is all about integrating elements of the creative process we’re constantly focused on making sure we have the best specialists working on the best kit, and our colour department is a perfect example of that approach,” he says.
“We could already boast a well-established and highly awarded creative team, but with Peter now back on board and this new programme of investment completed, we’re rounding out the year on a high,” he adds.
Kevin Denholm, one of Australasia’s leading directors, is equally enthusiastic about Ritchie’s arrival back at Oktobor and what it means for the organisation.
“Peter is, quite simply, one of the best in the business. He’s that rare breed of colourist who possesses great aesthetic judgement and a strong level of technical proficiency. I can’t wait to work with him and the guys at Oktobor again,” he says.


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