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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Big Won, the international ranking of agencies across all marketing disciplines, places Australian and New Zealand agencies highly. The 2007 results covered nearly 10,000 awards presented in 73 countries to more than 1,600 agencies across multiple disciplines, including advertising, direct and digital marketing. The full list of rankings is available at

  • Overall, direct marketing in Australasia is clearly world class with 4 out of the top 10 dm campaigns hailing from the region. Local agencies also made it to the top ten in press campaigns, as well as alternative media, though no Australasian agency appeared in the top 10 TV, print, digital, or poster campaigns.

    Key highlights:
    · The region boasts world class direct marketing agencies with New Zealand’s AIM Proximity ranked second in the world out of more than 900 dm agencies, while M&C Saatchi Sydney is third, and BMF is 11th.
    · Australia and New Zealand dominate the top 10 most awarded Direct Marketing campaigns in the world, with campaigns from Leo Burnett and AIM Proximity (for BNZ) sharing first place, M&C Saatchi Sydney 6th place and TBWA\Whybin Auckland in 10th position.
    · In the top 10 Alternative & Innovative Media campaigns, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne ranks 6th in the world for the VB ‘Boonie’ campaign.
    · In the top 10 Press Campaigns, Publicis Mojo Auckland ranked 3rd in the world for the Ketchup ‘CALM’ campaign.
    · The best Television and Cinema Advertising campaign from Australasia was ‘Children see, children do’ for NAPCAN by DDB Sydney, ranked 25th in the world.
    · The best Digital campaign from Australasia was BMF’s ‘A new form of currency’ for Macquarie Bank, which was ranked 17th in the world from more than 700 campaigns.
    · In overall global rankings, AIM Proximity is the top Australasian agency ranked 33rd in the world out of 1,600 agencies, followed closely by M&C Saatchi Sydney at 35th, Leo Burnett Sydney at 55th, and Publicis Mojo NZ at 87th.
    AIM Proximity CEO, Darryn Melrose, said: “It’s great news. The number two global ranking from more than 900 agencies is due to a variety of consistently outstanding campaigns from a broad range of clients. The close relationships we have with our clients clearly underpin what we have achieved here.
    “We have also edged out our regional competition to become the most awarded agency in this part of the world across every media discipline - television, radio, press, poster, digital and direct. We are proud of this achievement.”


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So Dave King goes to AIM from M&C and the two agencies swap global rankings....

    9:05 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Looks like direct saves the day...again. Maybe everyone else should stop worrying about what they look like in their �ego portraits� and pull their heads in?

    9:25 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Crickey-dick, pretty exhaustive. Although how much stock can you place in a rankings system that puts DraftFCB NZ above Saatchi's?

    4:05 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    from saatchis are you 4.05?

    4:06 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    No I'm not Saatchi's 4.06, are you from Draft FCB? I think there are few neutral observers who could argue that they deserve to be ranked above a good nummber of the creative agencies in this country, let alone Saatchi's

    11:28 AM NZDT


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