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Monday, January 14, 2008


A press ad for Liquorland in New Zealand has been announced as the October/November winner of the Could Be a Caxton competition, established by the Caxton Committee and supported by The Newspaper Works to recognise and showcase great creativity on a bi-monthly basis.


A Highly Commended was also awarded to The Furnace in Sydney for its Rabo Bank Topical Election series.


Rocky Ranallo, Deputy Creative Director of Clemenger BBDO Sydney, and the judge of the October/ November competition, said: “The thing I like the most about the Liquorland ad is the fact that it’s been developed purely for the medium. It’s not just a magazine ad stuck in a newspaper. I also like the fact that it has a headline, which aren’t very popular these days, but are still very powerful. Ask any newspaper editor.
"Finally, I really love that I have drunk all of these wines (and then some) with the likes of Ron Mather, Lionel Hunt, John McCabe, Danny Searle, Mick Hunter, Ian Morton and Moose, and am still alive to talk about it.
"I also really liked the Rabo Bank Rate ads. You can’t help but be drawn into them. Meanwhile, the interest rate is being etched into your brain.
"But there can only be one winner, so it goes to the happiest kingdom of them all…...Liquorland.
"Now I’m off to lunch. See, it’s working already."

The creative team from Y&R Auckland wins an all expenses-paid trip to the 2008 Caxton Weekend.
The December/January competition is now open for entries. It’s free to enter and anyone can submit nominations. For more information on how to enter the Could Be a Caxton competition and the Caxtons in general, visit
  • The Caxton Awards

  • Please contact Lucia Elliott at The Newspaper Works on +61 2 9696 6300 or email luciaelliott@thenewspaperworks.com.au for further information.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, let me be the first to say something nice and positive to you guys at Y&R. Happy New Year and congrats on your 'Could Be a Caxton'. And well done to you fullas at The Furnace too. Liked your Raboplus ad.

    10:55 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Not meaning to be negative Captain Positive, but I just don't get it. Can someone explain it to me?

    7:55 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You're an idiot. Don't think

    8:54 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Would have been ok if it used colour. Maybe made some sort of image with the different colours.

    9:59 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are a fucking twit, 9.59.

    11:26 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Captain Positive said...

    If you don't men to be negative 7:55, but still are, maybe start your mornings with some positive affirmations while looking at your ugly mug in the mirror. A much better start than heading to the blog at 7:55.

    12:16 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice one Y&R.

    Obviously 9.59 and 7.55 aren't the sharpest scalpels in the cutting room.

    12:27 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Seriously though, what is the idea? In a sentence.

    12:49 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I checked the blog at 7.55 because I get to work early and it's part of 'getting ready for another great day in advertising' right after a coffee, checking my star signs and taking a dump. I like my job, and by extension discussing advertising, hence I start early. This one confuses me, I kinda thought it might be that the first 100 are the best but they drank the rest anyway, but I'm not sure. Not like I slagged it off, I genuinely do not get it. If I was going to slag it off I'd say something about it lacking the trademark VD pun or ask where the bouncing boobies were. Comprendez? So save the slagging.

    1:06 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In a sentence composed of one syllable words you mean? You must be taking the piss 12.49/7.55. Try to think, just at least try.

    1:18 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The idea is a big full page ad covered with lots of bottles of wine with a couple of headlines inserted into it.

    That's all. No idea. Just execution.

    Just like the old days.

    Full page ads, that is.

    1:49 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Me no get either.
    Can you PLEASE explain?

    2:37 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Look at all the wines we tasted."

    There. Simple enough for everyone?

    2:41 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thank you 1.49. At the risk of sounding like a bigger fool, could you next explain why this makes it a winner?



    3:22 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yo Janine!

    You're from the future.
    See you at The National.
    Dunc'll be there too.
    G2 is putting on an open bar beforehand so we should rock up there!


    4:49 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I get it, not much to get though to be fair. Maybe 7.55, you're thinking because it's an award winner there should be a good idea in it, which there is not. Looks cool though.

    6:40 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It looked better in the paper. It's a bit out of context online.

    8:35 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    BTW 7:55. I'm starting to like my new monniker. Thanks for that. Feel free to ask the good people here more about the Y&R ad. And just quietly, maybe you could do you dumps at home and get to work at 8am.

    9:38 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm pretty startled at all the moaning on this thread. I don't like Y&R as much as the next man, but it's a great ad. It touches on the benefit of going to a bottle-o over the supermarket for your wines, because they actually know what they're on about. Just because it doesn't have an endline to tie up the thought, doesn't mean it's an ad without an idea. I really like, and those who don't, I'd question if they're even old enough to drink alcohol...

    1:24 PM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1.24's right - Y&R are a shocking agency, but lets give them credit for this - it's actually a good ad for once. Somehow, probably more by accident than design, this one got through the usual Y&R 'quality' control system. Well done Y&R!

    7:34 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Excellent 1:24. You too will soon be called Captain Positive. Writing positive comments is a heinous crime to those who like to submerge themselves in shit on The Bog. But "when it deerves a good commment, it deserves a good comment." That's Captain Positive's new motto - maybe my positioning statement for 2008. Are you listening 7:55?

    9:01 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Let's set the record straight shall we...

    The only thing added from YnR to the artwork, would have been the straplines!

    The actual layout with trillions of bottles would have come from the client, as that is how the marketing departments at beverage companies display their products, on a poster for their partners.


    YnR put two "retail lines" on their client's marketing poster and that's an award winner?

    Hmmm. This ad game's a piece-of-piss to master! Anyone want to meet me for a creative brainstorming liquid-lunch, at Mink today?

    9:08 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    today Friday or today yesterday?

    10:49 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    9.08 - um, so using your rationale, that pretty much discounts Toby and Leo's Little Tikes campaign as it uses a stockshot from the client with just a few sentences, or Matty & Dave's Reef campaign cos' it does the same. Berk.

    1:53 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Elementary Dr Watson. But this ad is not a Y&R ad at all. For what we have here is clearly devoid of the trademark puns that evil villain of word play Vaughn delights in. This would suggest he had no hand in its fine crafting, but therein lies the very conundrum we have before us, for no ideas except Vaughn's ideas ever escape the building."

    12:42 AM NZDT

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1.53 - If we're going to call ourselves creative, then that's what we should be. And that's not creative. Or should I simply call you a stupid person that can easily be taken advantage of? "Berk"? You wouldn't know the meaning of the word if it hit you in the camel-toe, little guy.

    P.s. If you need examples of other, much more talented people, to justify your lame work, you're pretty frickin' sad.

    9:23 PM NZDT


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