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Friday, February 29, 2008


Interpubllic's Draftfcb, with over 9000 employees around the world and over 200 offices has restructured their ANZ operation.
The agency will create specialist communities (creativity, growth, strategy and one-to-one) across the Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne offices. These communities will help deliver the company’s commitment to Accountability + Creativity.
A new board has been established to effect this new way of operating, under the chairmanship of Draftfcb Auckland CEO, Bryan Crawford.
Greg Eichmann, a former CEO of the highly successful Auckland office, has returned to the group and is charged with successfully introducing this new model across the region. Eichmann will be based in Australia.
Says Crawford: “Greg’s welcome return is great news – he brings experience and a passion for the agency, and he will be a significant contributor to our future collective success”.
Other board members are David Guthrie (Finance), Michael Simons (Creativity) and Christine Barnes (Growth). Anil Kapoor is Draftfcb’s Regional President and the board reports into him.
Draftfcb's major brands include Mitre 10, Foodstuffs, BMW & MINI, Noel Leeming and Whitcoulls in New Zealand and Nivea (Beiersdorf), Kraft, S C Johnson, Angus & Robertson and Motorola in Australia.
Says Crawford: "This change is simply a smarter way to do business. We’ve got an enormous reservoir of talent in our region and this new structure allows people to work to their strengths. The days of lone gurus are long gone – we’ll get better results for our clients by having specialist disciplines collaborating and wrestling the clients’ problem to the ground and then delivering an outstanding creative business solution.
"It means people recognising that we’re operating in a virtual world and teams can work from anywhere but still be just as passionate about their work and be just as focused on results. Everyone involved is looking forward to working in this new and intelligent way.
"Our clients understand this reality in business today. Many of them have regional and global team members who, while not physically sitting in the office next door, are absolutely vital to the successful dynamics of the team. It’s the way business is moving.”


Anonymous The Hate Machine said...

can I put on my tumbleweed suit and roll thru here? Cheers.

1:09 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complete and utter arse. So another bunch of tossers sit around a board room table, scoffing biscuits and falling asleep round the power point. That's IF they haven't already disappeared up their own botty's in an giant ego fest. Then they cruise round the offices for a good old royal wave session. Yawn. (Old tossers at that too.) And we're meant to be interested? F#ck off. Next story please. This time give us a real one too.

11:55 PM NZDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed the bit where the old tossers go out for a self-congratulatory lunch leaving everyone else behind to do all the hard work, only coming back when they're half pissed. Don't worry, happens here too.

9:49 AM NZDT


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