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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


There are hundreds of creative award schemes based upon respectable rules and regulations, but The Chip Shop Awards, based in Glasgow, are different. They focus on the creative Holy Grail – An Idea. The awards have no rules, no regulations - it’s all about brilliant ideas and brilliant ads.
All too often your fantastic creative ideas never get the chance to see the light of day, perhaps because they bombed in research, you haven’t yet won the client or your client will never be that brave to run it – Enter The Chip Shop Awards.
It’s a chance for you to shine, to show the industry just how far you can push the creative boundaries and it’s a bit of fun for you to get your teeth into.
The awards are open to anyone with a creative idea anywhere in the world. Last year the awards saw entries from as far away as California and Bahrain, showing that the Chip Shop premise is understood and admired internationally.
There are over 20 categories to choose from including; Best Use of Bad Taste, Best Work for any Brand you Haven’t a Hope of Winning, Best Use of Shocking and Invent Your Own Category.
Enter and become a Chip Shop Member online at www.chipshopawards.com and be part of this year’s awards.
The deadline for entering is Friday 23rd May 2008. Start putting pen to paper and produce those fantastic ads that you have always wanted to do, as some ideas are just too good to die.
For more information please contact the event organiser, Katy Thomson on +44 (0)141 559 6262 or katy.thomson@carnyx.com


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