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Monday, April 07, 2008


The follow up of the hugely popular Hyundai Santa Fe commercial has just gone to air New Zealand, via Assignment Group NZ. Director Tony Williams once again chosen to shoot the next chapter, launching the Hyundai i30. Dante, the hero of the first commercial returns to save Sienna in a driving and rescue sequence more elaborate than the original. Dante learnt to drive and surf as a 2 year and now he’s taken his driving skills and added acrobatics to his resume.

  • View the commercial

  • Director – Tony Williams
    Producer – Maggie Lewis, Sydney Film Company
    DOP – John Blick
    Editor – Charles Ivory
    Agency – Assignment Group NZ
    Flame – Stuart Cadzow, FSM
    3D – Jamie Dower, FSM
    Colourists – Dave Pickett, Crash Carlucci, FSM


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Weird, that kid looks older.

    2:11 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This ad is wrong on so, so, so many levels.

    2:15 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What happened to the Karl Fleet stories???

    4:07 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yawn - and how crap are those billboards?!

    5:41 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    bring back the karl!!!

    6:54 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    2.15 you're a git.
    I'll think you'll find that it's pretty right for the client, who would rather sell cars than have anything to do with a bunch of prats patting themselves on the back around the pool at Cannes or whatever.

    7:39 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Talk about pandering to the morons. I think I was just a bit sick in my mouth.

    8:53 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Didn't Telecom do the whole new generation = kids thing a couple of years back?

    9:51 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear 7:39. I don't like the ad, it has absolutely nothing to do with awards. The first ad was cute, I loved it. Now I find it overly sexual, slapstick, fake looking and the joke is tired. I'm actually normally very positive on this blog.

    7:34 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thought ads were meant to be posted onto the 'bestadsontv' website, to stop the industry self imploding.

    8:06 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This was PR'd by Sydney Film Company, not Assignment.

    8:54 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah, sorry - not a great follow up.

    Post work is pretty awful - looks like it was done on After Effects 4 or something.

    Between this ad and the crap new music that's been researched into the Air New Zealand ads i'm left feeling pretty hollow.

    11:05 AM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Don'y worry, Vaughn is probably just about to cheer us all up with a super piggy commercial!

    12:27 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You're so right 11.05 - the music really made those Air NZ ads. What a disaster. Almost as helpful as the V/O added to the V ad.

    4:37 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Glad to see you lot are all still making ads for your own egos. Tell me, how much do ads made for your egos sell anyway? The average belching, farting, ball-scratching Kiwi doesn't give a toss about whether the post work is After Effects 4 or Terminator 3. Only your precious little egos do. Grow up children.

    10:34 PM NZST

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    sorry for this but I really can't hold it in... Feckin shite! The creative is shite, the post work is even worst (if thats possible)... It almost makes me wish AdWorks was still doing the ads.

    8:25 PM NZST


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