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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Nigel Corbett, WRC Creative Director (pictured), is leaving on March 23 to take a shareholding in boutique independent Sugar.
WRC Managing Director Murray Reid commented: “We understand the unique nature of the Sugar ownership opportunity and wish him well. We expect to make an announcement on a replacement soon.”
DDB Group Managing Director Sharon Henderson commented: “WRC is a great agency and fills a key role within the DDB family. Our newly appointed Executive Creative Director Toby Talbot is playing a key role in the search for a replacement.”


Telecom New Zealand and Yahoo!7 today launched a new joint venture media company, Yahoo!Xtra. The Auckland-based company will provide world-class online content and products for New Zealanders at
  • Yahoo!Xtra
  • , which goes live tomorrow.
    Yahoo!Xtra Chairman and Interim CEO Ian Smith says Yahoo!Xtra brings together Yahoo!'s global reach and world-class products and services and Xtra's understanding of New Zealanders, their passions, and their interests.
    “Our goal is to deliver New Zealand internet users the finest entertainment, information and communications experience available. Today is the start of the journey and we will continue to roll out new online initiatives that combine the strengths of Yahoo! and Xtra.
    “With Yahoo!Xtra New Zealanders join a global community of almost half a billion people using Yahoo! in more than 20 countries. Worldwide, Yahoo! leads in providing the platforms and technologies for the things people most enjoy on the Internet, including social networking, user-generated content and personalising their online experiences.
    “For the month of December last year, for example, Yahoo!’s social media properties worldwide including Video, Answers, 360 (blogging), and Flickr received more than 110 million unique visitors,” says Mr Smith.
    Telecom COO, Consumer Kevin Kenrick, one of three Telecom representatives on the board of the joint venture, says New Zealanders can expect some exciting additions to the new site over the coming months.
    “I’m sure Kiwis will be as keen as consumers around the world have been to enjoy all the unique Yahoo! services that Yahoo!Xtra will offer as the site develops. New Zealanders can look forward to uploading their own content on Yahoo! Video, sharing knowledge on Yahoo! Answers, and creating their own personalised radio stations with Yahoo! Music,” says Mr Kenrick.
    “Yahoo!Xtra will have the local news, sport and entertainment content provided by our own editorial team and other local content providers. It will also have exciting new lifestyle content, including fantastic material from Pacific Magazine titles,” Mr Kenrick says.
    “Yahoo!Xtra will be the best of New Zealand linked to the best the rest of the world has to offer, and puts us in a prime position to capitalise on changing trends in media consumption and Internet usage. This means benefits and opportunities for consumers, advertisers, and media content providers alike.”
    The make-up of the new joint venture’s board, to be chaired by Yahoo!7 CEO Ian Smith, was also announced today. Joining Mr Smith on the Yahoo!Xtra board are:
    Kevin Kenrick, Telecom COO, Consumer
    Mark Verbiest, Telecom Group General Counsel
    Rod Snodgrass, Telecom GM, Group Strategy and Development
    Rohan Lund, Seven Network Director of Digital Media and Strategic Investments
    David Gowdey, Yahoo! Director Corporate Development South Asia.
    The appointment of a permanent Auckland-based CEO is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, along with further senior management appointments. Tom Osborne, formerly of Colenso BBDO in Auckland, was last week appointed Yahoo!Xtra’s new National Sales Director.

    Monday, February 26, 2007


    303 Perth's award-winning writer, Paul Coghlan (top left), is leaving the agency to join Saatchi & Saatchi in Auckland. Coghlan is teaming up with former Perth art director, Stephen de Wolf (below left), who has been freelancing in Sydney for the past six months. The pair met whilst working at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne in 2005, while Mike O’Sullivan was ECD.
    Though they weren’t teamed at Clemenger, O’Sullivan says he was impressed with the work Coghlan and de Wolf produced independently and had no hesitation hiring them for Saatchi’s Auckland.
    Coghlan moved to Perth at the start of last year and made an immediate impact, winning a Caxton award and a Bronze Bullet at the international Young Guns awards, where it was the only press finalist from Australia. He also won two Bronzes at AWARD last year for a radio commercial he wrote whilst at Clemenger.
    The pair join another ex Perth team, Levi Slavin and Dave Govier, who joined Saatchi's recently from Colenso.

    Sunday, February 25, 2007


    The Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia has pulled the Hyundai 'Toddler' spot off air this week, claiming it sent the wrong message to pre-schoolers about driving cars.
    The spot was created by Kim Thorp and Howard Greive from Assignment Group NZ and directed by Tony Williams from Sydney Film Company, with post via Frame Set + Match, Sydney.
    What do NZCC bloggers think of this decision?


    A campaign to motivate runners in the long-term for client Adidas has won TEQUILA\ the top New Zealand Post RSVP Grand Prix Award at the New Zealand Direct and Interactive Marketing Awards, held Friday night.
    The Supreme NEXUS, proudly sponsored by Oracle, went to AIM Proximity & Proximity iD for their client Lexus Proximity iD, for the outstanding lead generation campaign leading to the most successful launch for Lexus. This successfully generated both sales and conversion of prospects.
    The newly introduced New Zealand Post Postmark Award, awarded for the best use of mail as a medium within any campaign was awarded to Wunderman New Zealand for their client’s Mainland Product’s Kiwi Heritage Bacon. With clever segmentation this campaign grew the customer base of the brand and increased sales by 600%.
    The NZ Direct and Interactive Marketing Awards, organised by the Marketing Association, comprise two series of awards: the New Zealand Post RSVP Awards, for the best examples of direct marketing campaigns judged on strategy, creative, and results; and the NEXUS Awards proudly sponsored by Oracle, for the best products, services and processes that drive campaigns.


    adiRun.co.nz launch
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: GOLD
    Agency: TEQUILA\
    Client: Adidas

    3D Special Offers Campaign
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Air New Zealand

    ASB Rural Spring Campaign
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: TEQUILA\
    Client: ASB

    Body Parts
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: GOLD
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: GOLD
    Category: Sales Promotion; Award: GOLD
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Overall Creative
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Bank of New Zealand

    Building Cinema Loyalty
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award BRONZE
    Category: Loyalty/Relationship Programme; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: Colenso.99
    Client: SKYCITY Cinemas

    Check it out! – MemberConnex launch Campaign
    Category: Shoestring Budget; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: Admission
    Client: Cyber Glue

    Come Together with Durex
    Category: Shoestring Budget; Award: GOLD
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Strategy
    Agency: DDB New Zealand Limited
    Client: SSL New Zealand

    Farmers Beauty Club
    Category: Loyalty/Relationship Programme; Award: GOLD
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: Colenso.99
    Client: Farmers

    Fight the Monster
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: DDB New Zealand Limited
    Client: Child Cancer Foundation

    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: SILVER
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Use of Integration
    Agency: OgilvyOne
    Client: Nestle Purina Petcare

    Goodbye Landlord
    Category: Shoestring Budget; Award: GOLD
    Agency: TEQUILA\
    Client: ASB

    Grabaseat Campaign
    Category: Internal; Award: SILVER
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: AIM Proximity / Colenso.99 / Mango
    Client: Air New Zealand

    Hello Roost
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Copy
    Agency: Draft
    Client: Roost Mortgage Brokers

    Host the Coruba Gold Fifty Thousand Dollar Launch Party
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: WRC
    Client: The Rum Company and Lion Breweries

    Kiwi Heritage Bacon
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: GOLD
    Category: Sales Promotion; Award: GOLD
    POSTMARK AWARD: Best Use of Mail as a Medium
    Agency: Wunderman New Zealand
    Client: Mainland Products

    Kustom Konnections Quick Fix
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: Draft NZ
    Client: Genesis Energy

    Laminex Tangram
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: SILVER
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: OgilvyOne
    Client: The Laminex Group

    Lexus IS Art in Motion
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: GOLD
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: GOLD
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: SILVER
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Most Innovative Campaign
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Lexus New Zealand

    Mailed Anything Sexy Lately?
    Category: Lead Generation; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: New Zealand Post

    Nestle GOOD TIMES Programme
    Category: Loyalty/Relationship Programme; Award; GOLD
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Data Strategy
    Agency: OgilvyOne
    Client: Nestle New Zealand Limited

    nzgirl – “The Stunt That Never Was”
    Category: Shoestring Budget; Award; BRONZE
    Agency: DDB New Zealand
    Client: nzgirl

    Push the Button
    Category: Customer Retention; Award: SILVER
    Client: Telecom Ltd

    RD1 Move DM
    Category: Customer Acquisition; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: Publicis Dialog
    Client: Mercury Energy

    SME lifecycle programme
    RSVP CRAFT Award: Best Art Direction
    Agency: Draft
    Client: Vodafone New Zealand

    Category: Sales Generation; Award; SILVER
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Haunui Farm

    Category: Customer Retention; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Yellow Pages

    Unichem Common Health Games
    Category: Internal; Award: BRONZE
    Agency: AIM Proximity
    Client: Pharmacybrands

    Your Stuff’s Worth More Than You Think
    Category: Sales Generation; Award: SILVER
    Agency: AIM Proximity / Colenso.99
    Client: IAG New Zealand


    Lexus IS Art in Motion Imaging Engine & Website
    Category: Innovation; Award: GOLD
    Category: Media and/or Channel Utilisation; Award: GOLD
    Category: Production and Fulfilment; Award: GOLD
    Entrant: AIM Proximity & Proximity iD
    Nominee: Lexus

    ANZ – High 5
    Category: Datamining/Analytics; Award: SILVER
    Entrant: Datamine Limited

    Nestle GOOD TIMES Programme
    Category: Strategic Vision; Award: BRONZE
    Entrant: Simplicity Australasia
    Nominee: Nestle New Zealand Limited
    Onecard: A Fresh Look at Pricing Analytics
    Category: Datamining/Analytics; Award: GOLD
    Category: Strategic Vision; Award: GOLD
    Category: Innovation; Award: SILVER
    Entrant: Proximity iD
    Nominee: Progressive Enterprises Limited

    Project Alight
    Category: Media and/or Channel Utilisation; Award: BRONZE
    Entrant: Vodafone Consumer Marketing Loyalty & Retention Team

    Rockgas Online Marketing System (OMS)
    Category: Information Systems; Award: SILVER
    Category: Production & Fulfilment; Award: SILVER
    Category: Strategic Vision; Award: SILVER
    Category: Innovation; Award: BRONZE
    Category: Media and/or Channel Utilisation; Award: BRONZE


    Billboards attacking some Auckland City Councillors’ use of ratepayer funds will come down over the next few days as the Outdoor Advertising Association of New Zealand (OAANZ) and OGGI join forces in seeking to convince Council not to go ahead with a proposed billboard ban.
    OGGI believes the billboards have kept this issue topical and generated debate but has agreed to take the billboards down following a decision to work with OAANZ to continue to pursue an alternative to the ban. OGGI withdrew from OAANZ last year.
    “I wanted to let Council know just what they have bought into in trying to shut my business down,” said OGGI owner Gordon Frykberg. “Clearly I got Council’s attention and perhaps now they will sit down with the industry and talk with us.
    “I’m happy to work with OAANZ in that process but I think Councillors are now aware of just how angry and ready to fight back we are. I can’t believe they would think we wouldn’t use our own considerable resources to oppose an unnecessary, unwanted and unworkable ban on our business.”
    Duncan Harris, the OAANZ chairman, said with OGGI joining the push for an industry based solution with Council, Council could now be confident it was dealing with a 100% aligned outdoor industry.
    An updated economic analysis on the Auckland-wide impact of Council’s proposals put job losses at more than 400. The update from economic advisors Brent Wheeler Ltd doubles a previous estimate based on Council’s assertion the ban affected just 200 billboards in the CBD. In fact, the bylaw proposals impact on 75% (430) of the 575 billboards across Auckland.
    “The new analysis puts up to 413 jobs at risk with around $80 million lost to the Auckland advertising industry in the first year under the new bylaw,” says Mr Harris.
    “I was startled when Auckland City Councillors told us they were happy to accept the job and revenue losses outlined in their own economic analysis,” he said. “But I’d be stunned if they were willing to accept the new figures raised in this latest analysis. No council anywhere in New Zealand should be prepared to accept this level of damage to its people and economy.”
    Added to that is an estimated wiping of $120 million from the value of properties that derive income and revenue from hosting billboards.
    That value is lost to private property owners as existing property rights are extinguished by the new bylaw. Some billboard some sites are valued at $30,000 plus per month, significantly enhancing the value of the host commercial property.
    Auckland and national charities also lose about $750,000 in donated advertising support for their fund raising efforts.
    “Auckland City doesn’t need to pay this price,” says Mr Harris. “We have told Council the current bylaw just needs minor changes to bring about the improved enforcement the Council seems to want. The industry believes it can resolve the other issues around the handful of heritage sites the Council has raised with us and we can jointly work on future provisions for the construction and look of billboards in the city.
    “Surveys show 81% of Aucklanders think the Council doesn’t need to make these changes and we agree with the public on that.
    “But, we also agree with Council that our industry can do better and we want to work with them on improving the look of the city. A joint approach has worked for worked for other cities and we are willing to make it work here.”


    Colenso BBDO Auckland has created a new spot for McCoy Fruit Smoothie, which goes to air this week.

    Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
    Writer: Simone Louis
    Art Director: Bradley Averill
    Agency Producer: Jonathan Gerard
    Director: Ken Lambert
    Producer: James Schulz
    Prod Co: Film Construction
    Editor: Stuart Morley
    VFX: Perceptual Engineering

    Thursday, February 22, 2007


    Maya McNicoll has joined Y&R as Interactive Director, a new position, which has been created in response to an explosive growth in client demands for interactive components to their campaigns. Maya is an experienced web strategist and designer and has most recently been a partner in UK-based web shop The Funky Divas.
    Y&R Creative Director Retail and Response Vaughn Davis says Maya’s appointment was an easy decision: “What I love about Maya is that she’s the perfect mix of art and business. It’s bloody rare to find rock-solid strategic thinking and gob-smacking creative solutions in the same person.”
    Also coming on board is Stacey Roper, Y&R’s new direct marketing Art Director, from an award-winning stint at Auckland DM shop Lavender, where she worked primarily on Westpac DM. "It’s a good thing she likes banks, because since winning the Bank of New Zealand DM business from Aim Proximity last month, BNZ DM will be a key focus for Stacey and the rest of the Y&R Interaction team," says David.
    “We saw a load of art directors, but none of them had a book like Stacey’s. She’s a manic when it comes to making impossible ideas come true – exactly what you need around the place if you want your DM to be anything other than envelopes.”

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007


    DDB Sydney has creatd a new Craft department, which will include Dennis Monk, retoucher extraordinaire, ex Saatchi's Auckland. Monk starts at DDB on March 1.
    Says DDB Australia ECD, Matt Eastwood: "Dennis is one of the most awarded retouchers in the region, having had work accepted in everything from Cannes to AWARD. An incredible resource to have on staff."
    Some of Monk's retouching work for Bose and YoungGuns is shown below.


    The Rumpus Room has snared Tomas Roope from Tomato International to head up the company's UK office.
    “Tomas has been with Tomato International for the last ten years and brings a wealth of experience from working with one of the best forward thinking companies in the world, we are honoured to have him join our team,” says The Rumpus Room principal Paul Prince.
    “I am extremely excited about this opportunity to join a team that share my excitement of the future of emotional communication. It gives me the chance to begin to create things and spaces that have always fascinated me, and the world seems increasingly receptive to,” said Roope.


    Jeremy Southern has made his first move since he took over the role of CD at Y&R Wellington, hiring writer Marianne Harvey from McCann-Erickson, Brisbane.
    Since she topped her AWARD School class of 2002, Marianne has been a creative whirlwind; winning Gold at YoungGuns (she’s ranked 19th in the world) and a Caxton and a Gold Mobius, being shortlisted at AWARD and New York Festivals, an Australian finalist in the Young Cannes Competition in 2005 and has consistently picked up local creative medals including a Best of Show.

    Friday, February 16, 2007


    Auckland DM shops AIM Proximity and Tequila rank seventh and ninth respectively in the world in the 2006 Won Report announced today. AIM Proximity is the highest ranking New Zealand agency and second in the whole Asia Pacific region.
    Australasia created the top two campaigns in the world in 2006: Purina Friskies 'Milkoholics' via OgilvyOne Auckland was the second most awarded DM campaign in the world, behind #1 ranked Lowe Hunt Sydney's Lynxjet campaign.
    The Won Report is the benchmark for success at international and national direct marketing awards.
    The Won Report (www.wonreport.com) is a yearly analysis of the world’s major direct marketing and digital advertising awards, representing over 1000 award winners and hundreds of direct marketing agencies worldwide. International awards consulted include Cannes, The ECHOS, The Caples Awards, The One Show, New York Festivals, LIAA and D&AD.
    The Won Report is modelled on the advertising world’s Gunn Report, and was inaugurated in 2003 by Patrick Collister, former Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, London, and founder of Creative Matters, UK.
    Tequila Auckland is the highest ranked NZ office (Aim Proximity's total combines Auckland and Wellington). And despite not specialising in direct, partner agency TBWA\Whybin also made the top 50 list of direct agencies, at number 23. TBWA\Whybin and 180\TBWA’s “Be the Ball” campaign for adidas, was ranked at 35 on the list of the world’s most awarded direct work for 2006.
    The combined points tally of TEQUILA\ and TBWA\Whybin would have placed the agencies at second in the world, and first in Australasia.
    Overall, New Zealand fared well in the rankings, with multiple mentions.

    Top 50 Agencies worldwide
    1. CP Proximity, Spain 159pts
    2. M&C Saatchi, Sydney 145
    3. OgilvyOne, Germany 144
    4. Shackleton Direct 131
    5. Scholz & Friends, Germany 128
    6. Craik Jones 124
    7. AIM Proximity, New Zealand 120
    8. Arc Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur 100
    9. Tequila, Auckland 90
    10. 20:20 London 82
    11. Wunderman, Germany 78
    12= Proximity, London 76
    12= Draft FCB, London 76
    12= Network BBDO, Johannesburg 76
    15. Cosette Communications/Blitz Direct, Canada 75
    16. Lowe Hunt, Sydney 74
    17. Zapping Madrid 72
    18. Arc London 71
    19. Salem, Sao Paulo 70
    20. OgilvyOne, New Zealand 69
    21. OgilvyOne, London 68
    22. OgilvyOne, Malaysia 67
    23. TBWA/Whybin, Auckland, NZ 64
    24. Leo Burnett, London 57
    25. Story, Edinburgh 56
    26. PKP Proximity, Vienna 54
    27. Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand 53
    28. Nordpol, Hamburg 51
    29. BMF, Sydney 50
    30. Harrison Troughton Wunderman, London 50
    31. Tribal DDB, Germany 50
    32. OgilvyOne, Beijing 46
    33. Datamidi FCB, Brazil 44
    34. Rapp Collins, Australia 42
    35. OgilvyOne, Chile 41
    36= Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore 40
    36= OgilvyOne, Brazil 40
    38. FCBi, Madrid 39
    39= Proximity, Portugal 38
    39= OgilvyOne, Spain 38
    39= Proximity, France 38
    39= DDB Germany 38
    43. Kitcatt Nohr Alexander, London 36
    44. Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg 35
    45. Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney 34
    46= Host, Australia 32
    46= Crispin Porter Boguski, Miami, USA 32
    46= The Martin Agency, USA 32
    49. BBDO Campaign, Germany 32
    50. TBWA, Germany 31

    Top 50 direct marketing campaigns of 2006
    1. LynxJet Unilever Lowe Hunt, Sydney 74
    2. Milkoholics Purina Friskies, OgilvyOne, Auckland 68
    3. Cameraphone Teenage Road Safety Leo Burnett, London 52
    4. 24: The Game Sony Playstation 20:20, London 50
    5. Serendipity Glenmorangie Story, Edinburgh 48
    6. Both Sides Malaysian Airlines Arc, Kuala Lumpur 45
    7. Wrong Job jobsintown.de Scholz & Friends, Berlin 37
    8. Whinging Poms British Council M&C Saatchi, Sydney 35
    9. Change your boiler CEPSA Shackleton Direct, Madrid 34
    10. Carbon Women’s Aid Organisation Arc, Kuala Lumpur 33
    11. Break Virgin Travel Network BBDO, Joburg
    12. Paperclips Alfa Romeo Arc, London
    13. MINI Movies MINI AIM Proximity, NZ
    14. Kinsei Helsinki ASICS Nordpol, Hamburg
    15. Frank & Gordon Bell Cossette, Canada
    16. Party Coruba Rum, WRC, New Zealand
    17. I am for sale Audi A4 CPC Proximity, Spain
    18. Cancer research Bench OgilvyOne, London
    19. NY Carbon Copy Channel 5 20:20, London
    Flash Hunk Procter and Gamble Flash Arc Worldwide, London
    20. Awareness National Phobics Society HT Wunderman, London
    21. IBM Replicant Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney
    22. Custominise BMW Iberia Shackleton Direct, Madrid
    23. Real Antiques Lufthansa Wunderman, Germany
    24. Not Funny BBC TV Licence Proximity, London
    25. Jason Donovan Virgin Mobile Host/The Glue Society
    26. Bootscraper ASB Bank, Tequila, Auckland
    27. Stolen Glasses Tooheys BMF, Sydney
    28. Lost Souls INBEV, Stella Artois Draft FCB, London
    29. Page Turner Singapore Navy Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
    30. Revival Project S,.A,Damm CP Proximity, Spain
    31. Short but Fun VW Polo DDB, Berlin
    32. Pick out your home Emaar Properties, Dubai Promoseven Dubai
    33. The Incredibles Buena Vista International Zapping, Madrid
    34. Oxfam I’m In campaign Draft FCB, London
    35. Be The Ball Adidas, TBWA/Whybin, Auckland
    36. Textual Harrassment Sony, France Proximity, Paris
    37. Communique SA Museum Salem, Sao Paulo
    38. Sock First Direct Craik Jones, London
    39. Chainsaw Mailing Bosch Scholz & Friends, Berlin
    40. Almanac Guinness/Diageo OgilvyOne, Malaysia
    41. Claro Club Claro Salem, Sao Paulo
    42. Christmas Gift Bola Amiga Leo Burnett, Portugal
    43. The Book with Eyes Club de Creativos Espana Zapping, Madrid
    44. Amnesty Body Bag OgilvyOne, Frankfurt
    45. Perfect Account Man MODS Akestam Holst, Stockholm
    46. Lonely Finger SABC Network BBDO, Johnannesburg
    47. Blood Box Australian red Cross M&C Saatchi, Sydney
    48. Pirate DVD Anti-Piracy Foundation TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Johannesburg
    49. A to Z ANZ Bank Rapp Collins, Melbourne
    50. Bulldog Clips Land Rover Craik Jones, London

    Top Australian/New Zealand agencies
    1. M&C Saatchi, Australia 145pts
    2. AIM Proximity, New Zealand 120
    3. Tequila, New Zealand 90
    4. Lowe Hunt, Australia 74
    5. OgilvyOne, New Zealand 69
    6. TBWA/Whybin, New Zealand 64
    7. Clemenger BBDO, New Zealand 53
    8. BMF, Sydney 50
    9. Rapp Collins, Australia 42
    10. Ogilvy & Mather, Sydney 34


    New Zealand will have have a record six jurors at Cannes this year, as a result of recent success at the world's biggest ad festival. Festival chief, Australia's Terry Savage (pictured) told NZCC that the number of jurors allocated per country depends on the lion haul over the last three years. According to Savage, NZ is definitely punching above its weight.
    Kiwis going to Cannes this year:
    Film Lions: Mike O’Sullivan (Saatchi & Saatchi)
    Outdoor Lions: Duster (Clemenger BBDO)
    Direct Lions: Andy Blood (TBWA\Whybin)
    Promo Lions: Wayne Pick (Tequila)
    Media Lions: Kevin Blight (Mitchells)
    And last but not least, the Cyber Lions Jury President this year will be Tom Eslinger, worldwide CD - Interactive of Saatchi & Saatchi. Eslinger splits his time between Auckland and Los Angeles but will be listed as representing New Zealand!

    Thursday, February 15, 2007


    Toby Talbot has made his first hiring since starting as ECD of DDB New Zealand two weeks ago.
    He has lured the very talented French art director, Emmanuel Bougneres (pictured), back to New Zealand after six months working in Germany, latterly at Jung Von Matt.
    “I’m delighted to have Emmmanuel join DDB,” says Talbot. “I’ve got big plans for this department. Emmanuel is a great starting point. He made quite an impact when he was here before. He’s the kind of person who will thrive in the DDB culture. As well as being one of the best art directors around, he’s a nice guy too – for a Frenchman”.
    Prior to moving to Germany, Emmanuel enjoyed three years at Publicis Mojo in Auckland, where he won some major awards, including a Gold Lion for Amnesty International last year and Silver Award pencils for his Mini Burger Rings campaign the year before. He spent his formative years working under Eric Vervroegen at TBWA Paris.
    Says Emmanuel: “I met Toby about 3 years ago, when he was still working as CD at Colenso, but we just missed the chance to work together at that time. I was always impressed by Toby's work and passion for the advertising industry, and thought it would be great for us to one day work together. When I got the call from Toby, I started packing immediately! The opportunity for me at DDB is fantastic, and it was not possible to miss it again.”
    Bougneres starts at DDB on 1st April.


    NZ Lotteries has shortlisted four agencies to proceed to the second round of its advertising review process, says Wendy Rayner, NZ Lotteries’ Head of Marketing: Colenso BBDO, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi and incumbent, Lowe.
    The NZ Lotteries’ advertising account is one of the country’s largest and includes products such as Lotto, Instant Kiwi and Big Wednesday.


    Bendon has appointed Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand to their Bendon and Fayreform global business.
    Evangelia Henderson, Bendon's General Manager Marketing said: "We are very excited by the partnership with Saatchi's in developing these iconic New Zealand brands. We are very strong in our home market and see enormous global opportunities. We were impressed with their insights, their capabilities and their Global networks support of our dreams".
    Says Andrew Stone (pictured), Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand CEO: "We love working with great kiwi brands here and overseas. We believe in what Bendon are doing and can't wait to producing some iconic ideas to make them even more famous. To celebrate, everyone at Saatchi's received a Bendon voucher for themselves or loved ones for Valentine's Day."


    After 15 and 14 years respectively at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington, senior Nigel Richardson and Steve Cooper have signalled that they want to ‘strike out on their own’ in 2007.
    “Nige and Steve will continue to work full time on key projects over the next couple of months and then on a project-by-project basis after that”, says Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington General Manager Jonathan Russell. “The guys have decided that after over a decade here, and after more than two years leading the agency, its time to move on.”
    “We will miss them hugely,” says Russell. “They have a rare mix of huge experience and huge openness to new channels, new ideas and have been generous in the way they have mentored the new teams they have brought on board. But I also understand the desire for a change, and it does allow us to move towards setting up a slightly different creative structure here in Wellington.”
    The first step in that structure will be the appointment of a Wellington based creative director. The search for the right person to fill this role is currently underway.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007


    Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair, a global, non-traditional media competition and campaign for Oxfam International, has launched worldwide.
    The competition calls for anyone in the world under the age of 30 to dream up a non-traditional campaign idea for Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair cause. The winning entrant will then have their idea brought to life and distributed across new media channels globally in 2007.
    The competition and campaign was conceived by The Rumpus Room, a new creative division of New Zealand-based production company The Sweet Shop. “We’re really looking for the kind of idea that can spark a phenomenon”, said The Sweet Shop’s Managing Director, Paul Prince. “That’s what it’s about: bringing a great idea to life for a worthy and relevant cause in the biggest way we can”.
    In partnership with YoungGuns, Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair will be judged by over 60 of the world’s leading creative heavyweights in advertising, communication and new media. This elite jury - with members from South America, South Africa, the UK and Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and North America – will bring a truly international perspective to determining the winner.
    “YoungGuns is delighted to be involved”, said YoungGuns founder, Kristian Barnes. “This is a great opportunity for creatives everywhere to push boundaries in developing a brilliant idea, using non-traditional media for a righteous cause”.
    Oxfam International is excited by the launch of Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair to the world. “By embracing the changing communications landscape and championing the creativity of young people all over the globe, we hope to create something that will generate large scale awareness, bring about change and inspire a new generation to take ownership of the cause to Make Trade Fair”, said Bernice Romero, Advocacy and Campaigns Director of Oxfam International.
    The Rumpus Room is a new division of The Sweet Shop’s that aims to harness the changing face of global communication; Make a Big Noise for Make Trade Fair is one example of this.
    As Jacqui Kenny, Creative Director of The Rumpus Room explains: “The winning campaign for this competition should attract attention, invite participation and engage young people through new media everywhere”.
    To learn more or to enquire about adding your support to the competition and campaign, visit the competition site at : www.makeabignoise.org

    Monday, February 12, 2007


    June Laffey has been appointed the official and exclusive marketing representative for the International Awards Group (IAG) and its four advertising brands, The New York Festivals, The Global Awards, Midas Awards and AME Awards. Based in Sydney as a freelance writer, she has more than 20 years experience in the advertising industry. Says Laffey: "Currently the International Awards Group is the 3rd largest awards company in the world, with 19,200 entries in 2006 alone. The 2007 New York Festivals International Advertising Competition awards gala has been moved to the second week in June. Right between Clio and Cannes! The deadline to enter the 2007 New York Festivals Advertising Competition is February 19. To enter online or download entry forms, visit newyorkfestivals.com.
    Jimmy Smyth (pictured) has assumed the role of chief executive officer of IAG, and with a real understanding and passion for advertising and programming, he is set to elevate the stature and value of winning any of the IAG competitions, says Michael Demetriades, IAG's executive director: “Jimmy was the person that resurrected the Clio Awards in 1992 after the competition's fall from grace in 1991 and enabled advertising people from all over the world to once again proudly display that trophy in their offices. Without Jimmy, Clio would not exist today. Well, he is back from an early retirement and we are delighted to have him with us. Anyone that knows Jimmy from his days as an editor or at Clio knows he is a quality guy with a deep respect for creativity and advertising and will not be surprised when he makes our competitions the most respected in the world. If you have any doubts, just ask Neil French.
    "Next, Jimmy will improve the quality of the jury members and the jury selection process. You will also see a marked improvement in the marketing and showcasing of the award winning work and its creators, because it's not just about winning, it's about telling the world who has won,” said Demetriades.
    For further information about any of these competitions in Australia or New Zealand, June Laffey can be contacted on 0410 246 519 or email jlaffey@internationalawardsgroup.com.

    Friday, February 09, 2007


    The Media Design school is showcasing an industry-only show of work from its graduating designers, animators, game developers, digital media producers and visual fx artists next Thursday 15 February.
    Contact simon@mediadesign.school.nz for an invite.

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007


    NZCC broke this news several weeks ago but now it's official: Tom Eslinger, Worldwide Creative Director – Interactive & Emerging Media, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand, will chair this year’s Cannes Cyber Lions jury.
    Eslinger, who spearheads Saatchi & Saatchi’s fast-growing worldwide interactive capability, works both from New Zealand and Los Angeles with a worldwide focus on a network of clients across interactive, creative, strategy and operations, and an LA focus with respect to client Toyota USA to develop interactive and other new media initiatives and programmes.
    “Tom is an expert at interactive communication and embraces new media wholeheartedly. Having judged previously in Cannes, he’s also seen first hand the creative evolution of this category at an international level, positioning him well for this role”, said Festival Executive Chairman, Terry Savage.
    Originally from North Dakota, Eslinger has been a Creative Director of Interactive for Saatchi & Saatchi since joining Saatchi's Wellington, in 1998. He has a role on the Worldwide Creative Board of Saatchi & Saatchi to drive market share and consumer involvement through web, e-commerce, mobile, games, rich media, viral and all emerging mediums.
    His awards include six Cannes Lions, four of which are Cyber Lions, as well as being awarded for his interactive work by D&AD, One Show, Clio, Effies, New York, London International Festivals, Type Directors Club, Future Marketing Awards, AXIS (NZ) and AWARD in Australia. Tom has judged extensively throughout the US, Europe and Australasia. This is hiss third Cannes jury, having served on the 2002 Cyber and 2006 Titanium juries.
    “I’m honoured, humbled and psyched. Interactive and integration are top of mind and at long last, everyone is getting into the space. Cyber Lions will be where creatives can walk their talk”, says Eslinger on his appointment.
    Eslinger lives in Auckland and Los Angeles, haunting local comic shops and snowfields, snowboard under arm.
    Since its launch in 1998, Cyber Lions has become one of the fastest growing categories in Cannes.

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007


    The 3rd Annual YoungGuns NZ exhibition and BBQ party has been confirmed for 7pm this coming Thursday, 8 february at Curious, 26 Putiki Street, Arch hill.
    The event is co-hosted by getty images
    Contact bj@curiousfilm.co.nz or livia@ygaward.com for an invite.

    Monday, February 05, 2007


    After two, successful years, and in a move designed to further strengthen the TV commercial production industry’s support of AWARD, The Kodak Gongs organizing committee and AWARD have agreed to merge resources.
    The agreement will ensure maximum effort is applied to create a single, more powerful and effective regional organization. As a result, The Kodak Gongs will be discontinued and AWARD will embrace and build upon the Gongs intended charter.
    “The Kodak Gongs were developed at a time when the general view in the advertising and production industry was that the bar needed to be lifted in relation to the quality of award shows for Film and TV. The organizing committee is extremely proud of the enormous respect the Kodak Gongs achieved, both locally and internationally, and in particular for its standards and depth in craft,” said Richard White-Smith, co-chairman of the Kodak Gongs.
    Throughout recent review meetings, the Kodak Gongs committee agreed that the creative and regional objectives were well aligned with AWARD, and rather than persist with a competitive program, it made more sense to work collaboratively toward the common goal of a superior outcome for the industry. The committee discussed the recommendation with naming rights sponsor, Kodak who fully understood the reasoning behind the move.
    Following an approach by the committee to AWARD, the two organizations quickly realized the benefits in working together and have since discussed some exciting initiatives.
    “Whilst it is rather sad to relinquish the successful Kodak Gongs brand,” comments White-Smith “we are confident that we can preserve its charter of promoting excellence and education under the new arrangements”.
    The move has the full endorsement of AWARD co-chairmen Paul Prince and Philip Putnam (pictured). Says Prince:: “It just makes sense. Both shows had the same objectives: to showcase and educate the best of our region. The Gongs also recognized the changing medians that deal with moving images and we at AWARD will continue to work with our industry and clients to recognize the changing crafts within our business”.
    Putnam also embraced the merge, considering it a positive move for the industry: “This is a lovely surprise”, says Putnam. “This is not only a terrific boost for AWARD, but for all those associated with the moving image. With their involvement, we can develop our educational programmes."
    “AWARD looks forward to working with the former Gongs committee to co-ordinate a productive and beneficial assimilation,” adds Lucy McKee, General Manager of AWARD.
    White-Smith acknowledged the contribution of all The Gongs sponsors: "Particularly Kodak, The Lab, Panavision, Song Zu, Frame Set and Match and AAV Regency, who were all incredibly supportive of the concept. "
    The Gongs committee included: Richard White-Smith (Euro RSCG), Mike Vanderfield (8 Commercials), Peter Cudlipp (Sydney Film Company), Matt Long (Goodoil), Michael Ritchie (Revolver Film), Emma Daines (Fin Design), Michael Cook (The Feds) and Loewn Steel (@radical.media).

    Saturday, February 03, 2007


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  • Tiger Sound

  • Film Construction
  • Friday, February 02, 2007


    Murray Reid, currently General Manager of WRC, is taking over as Managing Director, and will be supported by Group Account Director Andy Mitchell.
    Reid replaces David Thomason, who is returning to his first love, strategic planning on February 19 for the role of Director of Planning at FCB.
    Sharon Henderson, Group Managing Director of DDB New Zealand, commented: “We’re sad to see David (DT) go. He’s been a very popular figure within the agency, however we understand planning is his first love. DT leaves with our best wishes and full support for his new role.
    “We are fortunate to have two excellent managers already in place to take WRC and its sister company, Mango Communications, forward – Murray, who will now head WRC, and Claudia Macdonald, who is managing director of Mango, our marketing PR company.
    “On the creative front, Nigel Corbett will continue in his pivotal role as Creative Director of both WRC and Mango. We are seizing this opportunity to position these two great businesses for future growth.”
    Both companies will continue to work together as part of the DDB Group’s integrated approach.


    FCB New Zealand has appointed WRC Managing Director David Thomason to the newly created position of Planning Director.
    Says FCB CEO Bryan Crawford: “The appointment of a strategist of David’s stature signals a new approach to planning within the agency. This is the first of a number of significant announcements we will be making in the coming months as we build towards a new kind of agency model.”
    Says Thomason: “FCB is one of the few agencies that truly embrace the integration of media strategy with brand and creative strategies. I’m inspired by FCB’s plans for 2007 and beyond, and this new role will allow me to be one of the driving forces behind those plans.”
    Thomason has provided multi-award winning creative and strategy for some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, including the likes of Griffins, Sara Lee, GlaxoSmithKline and Lion Nathan. In a career spanning 20 years, he has been Creative Director at Advertising Works and Group Creative Head, as well as Strategic Planning Director, at Grey Worldwide. He moved to WRC in 2003 as Senior Strategic Planner, becoming Managing Director in 2006.
    Says Crawford: "We had pinpointed David as being crucial to our future plans for some time. His experience in creative and planning stretches beyond the realms of traditional advertising solutions, enhancing our ability to activate customers through a myriad of channels."