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Thursday, May 31, 2007


This week sees the launch of new film company 'gladwrap'.
Director Chris Graham has teamed up with Producer Treza Gallogly to launch the company and return to TVC work together. Graham [previously @ flying fish] has just completed two feature films back to back: Last year's hugely successful 'Sione's Wedding'and his new film, the psychological horror 'The Ferryman' [starring John Rhys Davies & Kerry Fox] which opens in NZ this Halloween, and is currently on the world film festival circuit.
Treza Gallogly is returning to local TVC work after five years of producing international TVC’s through her line production company, NZ Film Connection.
Chris Graham's TVC work and feature film trailers can be found on their website.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Y&R Wellington creative director Jeremy Southern, who, along with quite a few staffers, was retrenched following the loss of the Noel Leeming business from the Auckland office, has been snapped up by M&C Saatchi, Wellington - and will be joining the agency as creative director sometime in June.

Friday, May 25, 2007


After working for mainstream agencies in N.Z, South Africa, Dubai and Oz, Art Director Rua Perston (right) has returned home to become part of The Pond freelance creative department. Rua joins a growing trend of global ‘career freelancers’ who successfully get great work wherever they go – from Y&R Sydney to Leo Burnett Dubai. Born in Rotovegas, Rua’s name shows his parents also have a penchant for branding, in spite of his unfortunate surname (drop the ‘t’ and he’s just another Person).
Joining The Pond line-up at the same time is Phil Parsonage (below). After five years at Saatchis and a couple more at Y&R Wellington, Phil blew northwards to Auckland where stints at M&C, Lowe and WRC have added to his pile of awards. Phil teams up with Leighton, Rua and any other Pond member who owns a snowboard, fishing line or private Learjet bound for Rio. Phil and Rua’s work can be viewed at www.thepond.co.nz or call Clinton on 021 442 295.


D&AD has announced that Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web in 1989, will receive the President’s Award for outstanding contribution to creativity. The annually bestowed honour was revealed at the D&AD Global Awards Ceremony & Dinner in London tonight.
“HTML, URL, HTTP – all these things that people around the world take for granted are down to Sir Tim Berners-Lee,’ said D&AD President Tony Davidson. “He had the vision to create a network that allows people to share knowledge freely across the Internet. The amazing thing is that he told everyone how to use it for free by – you guessed it – posting it on the Internet. Thanks to his innovation, designers have taken the Web to whole new levels of creativity, resulting in 2 D&AD Black Pencil-awarded websites in 2 years.”
“Think back ten years and you realise how much the Web’s changed our lives. We bid for products on eBay, communicate with Skype and Facebook, and discover new music that has never been played over the airwaves. We share files, photos and advice with people we’ll never meet and create whole other worlds for ourselves in Second Life - and this is only the beginning of the Web’s potential. We owe the very shape of our lives today to Sir Tim.”

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


New Zealand put in a stellar performance at The One Show, presented in New York, lead by TBWA\Whybin with a Silver and Bronze Pencil for Sony Playstation and a Bronze for Adidas, and Publicis Mojo with a Silver and Bronze for Campaign Against Landmines. Saatchi & Saatchi scored Bronze for WWF.
In contrast, Australia only scored two Bronze Pencils, one for DDB Sydney's NAPCAN 'Children See, Children Do' spot, the other in The One Show Interactive Awards, for Leo Burnett Sydney's work on WWF.

Outdoor - Single
TBWA\Whybin / Auckland
for Sony Computer Entertainment - PlayStation Portable

Innovative Use of Media - Print: Campaign
Publicis Mojo / Auckland
for Campaign Against Landmines

Innovative Use of Media - Interactive/New Media: Single
Publicis Mojo / Auckland
for Campaign Against Landmines

Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor: Single
TBWA\Whybin / Auckland
for Sony Computer Entertainment - PlayStation Portable

P.O.P. and In-Store - Campaign
TBWA\Whybin / Auckland
for adidasNZRU

Newspaper or Magazine - Campaign
Saatchi & Saatchi NZ / Auckland
for World Wildlife Fund


DDB Sydney / Sydney

Interactive: Public Service/Non-Profit/ Educational - Single
Leo Burnett / Sydney
for World Wildlife Fund

Friday, May 18, 2007


Digipost celebrated the launch of their brand new $6.5m purpose built post production facility in Auckland last week, with around 200 advertising and film industry people enjoying champagne and canapés to mark the event.
Reaction to the new facility has been extremely positive with many see in the investment as a significant commitment to the industry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A deliciously dark short film directed by Curious Film’s Ben Fisher has been selected to screen at this year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival on Friday 22 June 2007.
Titled ‘Shmick’, the film opens with a man who’s just been stabbed. He staggers from the scene of the crime and wanders the city streets clutching his bloody wound.
The film asks the poignant question: what would you do if you were dying?
Fisher’s film is one of just 18 films selected for this year’s Straight 8 Cannes Lions screening, which attracted 131 entries globally. It’s the second win for Fisher this year, who was one of five directors selected to screen a short film at this year’s ‘Remarkable Five’ event at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Pattaya, Thailand in March 2007.
Now in its 5th year, Straight 8 is an experimental film event that invites entrants to shoot a three-minute film on a single cartridge of Super 8mm film. The film must be edited in-camera and submitted with an original soundtrack.
“What I liked about Straight 8 was the purist approach to filmmaking as it offered to concentrate solely on story and performance. I didn’t rehearse or have a script, just a shot list that was timed to fit the allowed length,” says Fisher.
“It was a really refreshing way of working. It forced me to think on my feet as we changed shots to fit the constantly evolving storyline. That’s what I loved about it, all the mistakes that turn into gold.”
Based in Auckland, Fisher is a formidable young director who brings an edge to everything he shoots. He finds richness in normality and intrigue in the mundane. He creates compelling visions of everyday scenarios, and is inspired by a curiosity towards life and film.

Don’t miss ‘Shmick’, which screens at the Star Cinema at Rue d’Antibes in Cannes, France at 12pm, Friday 22 June 2007.



Elave has exposed its controversial new viral campaign which parodies every cosmetics and personal hygiene ad that uses a laboratory setting with one revealing twist - everyone from the presenter to the lab technicians to the research subjects are completely naked. Elave states its products are chemicalfree; therefore they have nothing to hide!
The audience is first welcomed to the Elave Institute, and then taken on a tour of its sophisticated and clinical surroundings. As we’re led through the highly stylised laboratory, we’re instructed on the chemical-free nature of the Elave range. Diagrams are drawn, water is tested, slides are inspected – all by a completely nude research staff. A staff who - along with the presenter and the product range – have no qualms at all in showing that they have “nothing to hide”.
The risqué campaign directed by Brendan Donovan of Prodigy NZ strongly reinforces the message that Elave’s products contain no worrying irritants or chemicals that may be linked to serious skin conditions.
Says Donovan: “Elave is a high-grade parody with some great dead-pan performances, a few very shapely breasts, and a couple of mighty large wangers. Thanks to our very brave cast, and a dedicated crew who managed to perform the entire job with their eyes shut”.
The 60 second viral is live at
  • Elave Lab

  • Credits:
    Director: Brendan Donovan
    Title: Elave Lab - Nothing to Hide
    Production Company: Prodigy NZ
    Client: Elave
    Post Production: Images Post


    WRC has appointed ex Saatchi creative Steve Pettengell as its new Creative Director, replacing Nigel Corbett, who left on March 23 to take a shareholding in boutique independent Sugar.
    British-born Pettengell has spent the past two and a half years at Saatchi & Saatchi as a creative troubleshooter.
    WRC Managing Director Murray Reid says the two-month search for a CD who thinks outside the square has been extensive and rigorous: “The WRC model is unconventional in creative terms – it’s all about using multi-discipline thinking across all channels, integration on every level – and that’s a real challenge for most creatives.
    “Steve is a great fit. He relishes the strategy and problem solving part of client work – and with terrific experience in New Zealand, the UK and the US in branding, digital, direct marketing and advertising disciplines – he’ll lead our creative thinking.”
    His New Zealand client experience spans extensive work for Telecom together with campaigns for TV One, Lexus, Toyota, Holden, Simpson Grierson, Capital+Merchant and Heineken.
    Pettengell says: “I’ve never seen a CD role that fits my belief in multi-disciplinary and integrated work, until this one came along at WRC. I’m excited by this melding of disciplines with an agency that defies conventional advertising thinking. True integration is something I’m passionate about.
    “Of course, the prospect of working again collaboratively with DDB’s Executive Creative Director Toby Talbot, with whom I worked closely at Saatchi & Saatchi is another great reason to join WRC.”
    “Steve is a real maverick”, says Talbot. “This industry is full of Jack-of-all-trade-master-of-none creatives. Steve really is good at everything. Apart from shaving, that is.”
    Prior to his time at Saatchi & Saatchi, he worked for Meares Taine, which followed London-based work for British Telecom. Steve earlier spent four years in New Zealand in the mid-1990’s as Creative Group Head at Terabyte during its heyday in the early digital era.
    He has also worked as Creative Group Head at the acclaimed design house, Meta Design in San Francisco with clients including Intel and Sun Microsystems together with Nike.
    Starting on May 21, Pettengell’s role at WRC will also include working as Creative Director to sister company Mango Communications, the only public relations agency in the country with its own CD.

    Monday, May 14, 2007


    Less than six months after taking the role in November last year, and through no fault of his own, Y&R Wellington creative director Jeremy Southern has been retrenched due to the loss of the large Noel Leeming account out of the Auckland office. He will be leaving the agency shortly, as will several Y&R staffers in both Auckland and Wellington.
    The loss of Southern will be a blow for Y&R Wellington, as he was starting to make a real difference to the previously lacklustre creative product in the short time he was there, with two finalists at the upcoming Axis Awards ('Steak sandwiches by the Sea' in Outdoor and 'Bonded by Beer' in the Viral Video category).
    Southern, a former Y&R Adelaide creative, filled the vacuum left after the elevation of former CD Chrissie Lahood to the MD position. (The latter will once again take on the CD role, as well as continue as MD).
    Southern was at Y&R Adelaide until just before its closure a few years back (after the loss of Mitsubishi) and before joining Y&R Wellington, was at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, following the Mitsubishi business into the agency.


    Recently an Argentinian commercial appeared on Best Ads on TV that had used five directors to shoot their own interpretation of a script, a concept we in NZ are already a little familiar with.
    Explains Film Construction GM, Stephen Douglas: "In January 2006 Film Construction began making an ad for Colenso BBDO for
  • The New Zealand Book Council
  • . The idea was NO TWO PEOPLE READ THE SAME BOOK. Five Film Construction directors were independently briefed to shoot the same scene from a book. Armed only with a description of the main character and a narrated passage, each director came up with their own treatment to illustrate the way an individual reader might see the scene in their head. Because of the project nature of the job and lack of budget each director would shoot and edit their scene as and when they could fit it into their own schedules.
    "In November, 11 months later, we finally had all five scenes to compile together and put to air. The end of what was a fantastic and fascinating project for us all. (As I’m sure the Argentine one was too.)"

    Agency: ColensoBBDO
    Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
    Creative Team: Steve Cochran
    Agency Producer: Jen Storey
    Production Company: Film Construction
    Producers: Edwina Monaghan, Scott Donaldson, Jackie Ludlam, Mary Wall, Rachel Paget
    Directors: Barry Fawcett, Dennis Hitchcock, Felicity Morgan-Rhind, Michael Duigan, Matt Palmer.
    Editors: Fiona Hayden
    Sound: Soundtrax
    Grading: Digital Post

    Sunday, May 13, 2007


    While New Zealand agencies bombed, Weta Digital, Wellington won Gold for their brilliant visual effects on Travellers Insurance
  • Snowball
  • via Fallon, Minneapolis and The Sweet Shop won Bronze for Direction for Vodafone 'Live' via Kaspen, Prague at this evening’s 48th annual international Clio Awards TV/Cinema and Radio awards gala in Miami Beach.
    Saatchi & Saatchi, New York was named 2007 Clio Awards Agency of the Year, and Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide collected the 2007 Clio Awards Agency Network of the Year honor, as determined by the agency office and network that score the most Clio statue points in all categories for a given year.
    Leo Burnett Italia, Milan, Italy took home the Grand Clio in the TV/Cinema category for
  • Underwater World
  • on behalf of client Aqualtis Washing Machine. Leo Burnett, Lisbon, Portugal, also won a Gold Clio for the public service spot “Alzheimers” for client I.A.C. TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, turned in a strong performance, capturing four Gold, three Silver and two Bronze Clios for TV work on
  • Combos

  • and
  • Skittles
  • .
    The TV commercial “Bag of Smiles” for client Camelot was awarded two Gold Clios (to Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London and Studio AKA, London, for animation), as was the spot “Paint” for Sony Bravia (to Academy Productions, London and Fallon London for home entertainment.)
    The Chicago office of DDB Worldwide continued its dazzling track record in Radio, winning 12 of the 16 Clio statues awarded in the category. The agency, which picked up four Gold Clios for Radio work in 2006, this year collected two Gold, five Silver and 5 Bronze Clios for radio spots and campaigns on behalf of Bud Light.
    Australia had a disappointing show, winning only five Bronze Clios, all for Craft: Film Graphics won for Direction (National Breast Cancer Centre 'Finding Changes'); Garth Davis@ Exit Films for Direction (Boots via Mother, London); Fin Design + Effects won for Visual Effects (TAC 'Reconstruction'); Fuel for Visual Effects (Heineken 'Past Experience') and Guillotine for Editing (TAC 'Reconstruction').
    The Clio judging process makes it possible for there to be more than one or more Gold, Silver or Bronze winners – or in some cases, no winner at all – within individual categories. With more than 19,300 entries received from around the world, fewer than 3% receive a Clio statue and less than 1% receives a Gold Clio. If judges determine a Gold winner is “best-of-the-best” in its category, they have the opportunity to bestow an even higher honor: the Grand Clio.
    The list of 2007 TV/Cinema and Radio Gold Clio winners is as follows:

    2007 TV/Cinema: 90 Clios awarded (one Grand, 14 Gold, 22 Silver, and 53 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, UK, animation, “Bag of Smiles” for Camelot
    • Academy Productions, London, UK, home entertainment, “Paint” for Sony Bravia
    • Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York, NY, US, cinematography, “Sea of Skin” for Vaseline Brand
    • Fallon London, UK, home entertainment, “Paint” for Sony Bravia
    • Leo Burnett, Lisbon, Portugal, public service, “Alzheimers” for I.A.C.
    • Leo Burnett Italia, Milan, Italy, home furnishings/appliances, “Underwater World” for Aqualtis Washing Machine (also Grand Clio winner)
    • Method, Santa Monica, CA, US, visual effects, “Sears Tools – Arboretum” for Sears
    • PSYOP, New York, NY, US, animation, “Happiness Factory” for Coca-Cola
    • Studio AKA, London, UK, animation, “Bag of Smiles” for Camelot
    • TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, NY, campaign, “Fever/Heart to Heart/Videogames” for Combos
    • TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, NY, US, campaign, “Beard/Trade/Leak” for Skittles
    • TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, NY, US, confections/snacks, “Beard” for Skittles
    • TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, NY, US, confections/snacks, “Leak” for Skittles
    • Weta Digital Ltd., Wellington, New Zealand, visual effects, “Snowball” for Travelers Insurance

    2007 Radio: 16 Clios awarded (2 Gold, 6 Silver, and 8 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • DDB Worldwide, Chicago, IL, US, beverages/alcoholic, “Genius - Mr. Really Big Golf Club Maker” for Bud Light
    • DDB Worldwide, Chicago, IL, US, campaign, “Genius – Mr. Really Loud Cell Phone Guy/Genius - Mr. Really Big Golf Club Maker/Genius - Mr. Hot Dog Eating Contest Contestant” for Bud Light.

    All of these presentations were made tonight at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, FL, during the 2007 Clio Festival. To see the complete list of all Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Clio winners in all categories, please visit www.clioawards.com.

    Saturday, May 12, 2007


    Leo Premutico, the former star creative at Colenso BBDO Auckland, now joint ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, collected the Print Grand Clio for the agency's 42 Below Vodka campaign at tonight's 48th annual international Clio Awards gala recognizing excellence in Print, Poster, Billboards, Content & Contact, Interactive, Design, Innovative Media and Integrated Campaigns. The event took place at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, and was part of the Clio Festival, taking place May 9-12.
    Apart from the Grand Clio, Saatchi & Saatchi NYC won seven Gold Clios for work on behalf of 42 Below Vodka, P&G – Glide Dental Floss and Allume System StuffIt Deluxe.
    An ecstatic Premutico said it was a great night for Saatchi's New York, and he was chuffed that 42 Below (the cheeky kiwi brand started by former Saatchi suit Geoff Ross, which he sold to Bacardi late last year for NZ$178m) did so well. He said the new 42 Below work just presented and approved by Bacardi is even better and will get a major run in the US and other markets soon.
    New Zealand score two Silver and two Bronze on the night:
    TV2 Finding Nemo Sushi
    Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand

    Environmental Design
    Giacometti Shadows
    Strategy Design & Advertising, Christchurch

    Print Campaign
    World Press Photo Exhibition 2006
    Blair Letter, Cheney Letter, IMF Letter
    Clemenger BBDO, Wellington

    Print Campaign
    $9.95 PC Games
    Dad & Daughter, Dad & Son, Mum & Daughter
    Colenso BBDO

    Across the ditch, George Patterson Y&R Melbourne scored a Gold Clio for their VB 'Boony Doll' campaign, and The Glue Society Sydney indirectly won Gold for their work on BBH New York's Axe 'The Gamekillers' campaign.
    Nike was the star client of the evening, with global work out of the US, Netherlands, Argentina, France, Denmark all winning Clio statues. Nike ads were awarded Grand Clios in the Interactive and Innovative Media categories, as well as four Gold Clios in those two and the Billboard category.
    The DDB Worldwide network turned in a strong showing, with DDB London receiving four Gold Clios for print and poster work on behalf of Harvey Nichols, DDB Paris landing two Gold Clios for MTV Idol print campaign and media promotions, and TribalDDB being presented with a Gold Clio in Interactive for the Norelco Bodygroom consumer-targeted web site for Philips.
    Other significant winners on the night were R/GA, New York, which received the Grand and two Gold Clios for Nike Interactive work; the BBDO network with one Grand (BBDO Argentina for Nike in Innovative Media) and two Gold Clios; 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands with the Grand Clio in Integrated Campaigns (for Adidas); Leo Burnett Chicago with the Grand Clio in the Billboard category for McDonald’s 'Sundial', Miami Ad School (San Francisco, CA, US and Hamburg, Germany campuses) with three Gold Clios, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, with two Gold Clios.
    The Clio judging process makes it possible for there to be more than one or more Gold, Silver or Bronze winners – or in some cases, no winner at all – within individual categories. With more than 19,300 entries received from around the world, fewer than 3% receive a Clio statue and less than 1% receives a Gold Clio. If judges determine a Gold winner is “best-of-the-best” in its category, they have the opportunity to bestow an even higher honor: the Grand Clio.
    To see the complete list of all Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Clio winners in all categories, please visit www.clioawards.com.

    The evening’s list of Grand and Gold Clio winners is as follows:

    2007 Billboard: 17 Clios awarded (1 Grand, 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • Leo Burnett, Chicago, IL, US, retail food, “Sundial” for McDonald’s (also Grand Clio winners)
    • Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany, student, “Jeep Boy” for Jeep
    • VCU Adcenter, Richmond, VA, US, student, “Versatile Options” for U-Haul

    2007 Content & Contact: 13 Clios awarded (3 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, FL, US, “King Games” for Burger King
    • George Paterson Partners, Melbourne, Australia, “Talking Boony” for Victoria Bitter
    • JWT, New York, NY, US, “Bold Moves” for Ford

    2007 Design: 20 Clios awarded (1 Gold, 6 Silver, 13 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • BBDO, New York, NY, US, environmental design, BBC World Corners – Woman

    2007 Innovative Media: 33 Clios awarded (1 Grand, 4 Gold, 9 Silver, 19 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • BBDO Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, corporate/institutional, “Barrio Bonito” for Nike (also Grand Clio winner)
    • Miami Ad School, San Francisco, CA, US, student, “Glo-Card” for Williams Electric Co.
    • Rethink, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, entertainment promotion, “Shelf” for Scupture Biennale
    • TBWA\Germany, Berlin, Germany, apparel/fashion, “Fresco” for Adidas

    2007 Integrated Campaign: 14 Clios awarded (1 Grand, 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze)
    Gold Clio winners in their respective categories:
    • 180 Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands, “Adidas +10” for Adidas (also Grand Clio winners)
    • Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York, NY, US, “The Gamekillers” for Axe Dry
    • Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, FL, US, “Wonderful World of the King” for Burger King

    2007 Interactive: 23 Clios awarded (1 Grand, 4 Gold, 6 Silver, 12 Bronze)
    Gold Clios in their respective categories:
    • Framfab, Copenhagen, Sweden, brand building, “Nike Football” for Nike
    • R/GA, New York, NY, US, fresh approach, “Nike+” for Nike (also Grand Clio winners)
    • R/GA, New York, NY, US, innovative use of technology, “Nike+” for Nike

    2007 Poster: 64 Clios awarded (3 Gold, 16 Silver, 45 Bronze)
    Gold winners in their respective categories:
    • DDB London, London, UK, retail stores, “Balloon” for Harvey Nichols
    • DDB London, London, UK, retail stores, “Ice” for Harvey Nichols
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, campaign, “My Girlfriend Music/New Sports Car” for P&G – Glide Dental Floss

    2007 Print: 118 Clios awarded (1 Grand, 15 Gold, 32 Silver, 70 Bronze)
    Gold winners in their respective categories:
    • DDB London, London, UK, retail stores, “Balloon” for Harvey Nichols
    • DDB London, London, UK, retail stores, “Baseball Catfight” for Harvey Nichols
    • DDB Paris, Paris, France, campaign, “Barry White/Nirvana/Bob Markey & the Wailers” for MTV Idol
    • DDB Paris, Paris, France, media promotion, “Barry White” for MTV Idol
    • F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo, Brazil, campaign, “Stamp-Monkeys/Stamp-Sloth/Stamp-Jaguar” for Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica
    • Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany, student campaign, “Blue/Black/Red” for Steadler Whiteboard Marker
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, beverages/alcoholic, “Do It Yourself” for 42 Below Vodka
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, campaign, “Flight Attendant/President Bush/Do It Yourself/Transvestite/Office Party/Blackout/Government Eavesdropping/Bareback Mountain/Sheep/Casino” for 42 Below Vodka (also Grand Clio winner)
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, campaign, “China/Divorce/Tourist” for Allume Systems – StuffIt Deluxe
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, campaign, “My Girlfriend/Sleeping Music/Big Night Out/New Sports Car/Manhattan” for P&G – Glide Dental Floss
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, electronic equipment, “China” for Allume Systems – StuffIt Deluxe
    • Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, NY, US, toiletries/pharmaceuticals, “My Girlfriend” for P&G – Glide Dental Floss
    • TBWA\Paris, Paris, France, campaign, “Doctor Doctor/Birdy Num Num/Just a Little Prick” for MAPA Protective Gloves
    • The Fan Club, Malmö, Sweden, collateral, “How Technical Are You?” for Blekinge Institute of Technology
    • Y&R Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines, campaign, “Bullets/Warship/Cross” for Soroptimist


    The Clio Awards honoured Australia's Bob Isherwood (pictured top) last night, presenting the Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide creative director with the Clio Lifetime Achievement Award, only the 7th ever awarded.
    The theme was 'Bob Isherwood Spikey Hair', from the Bob Isherwood masks that everyone was given, to the spikey cupcake desert. This could have ended up a pretty cheesy night. But the cupcake seemed easier to stomach after former Saatchi London ECD Dave Droga (second from top) and Saatchi worldwide chief Kevin Roberts (third from top on the left) made two fun and heartfelt speeches about thier respect and admiration for their mate, humble as always, Bob Isherwood. Saatchi NZ ECD Mike O'Sullivan and Saatchi Australia ECD David Nobay also attended the tribute.
    A Bob lookalike, painted head to toe in Gold, walked around the venue in between acting like a statue. He was replaced later by Isherwood himself, also painted head to toe in Gold, who fooled everyone for a long time before revealing himself as the star of the night.

    Friday, May 11, 2007


    Ogilvy has created a 30 second spot, titled
  • 'SPIT'
  • for Wild Bean Cafe.

    Creatives: James Bowman & Tom Paine
    Creative Directors: Roy Meares & Jeremy Taine
    Agency Producer: Kim Baldwinson
    Director: Chris Dudman
    Production Company: Robber's Dog
    DoP: Mike Molloy
    Music: Liquid Studios


    New Zealand has outperformed Australia at The One Show, which was presented last night in New York.
    NZ won two Silvers and five Bronze, compared to only one Bronze for Australia. TBWA\Whybin Auckland won a Silver for Outdoor and a Bronze for Innovative Use of Media - Outdoor, both for Sony Playstation 'Killzone for PSP'; Publicis Mojo won Silver for Innovative Use of Media - Print and Bronze for Innovative Use of Media - Interactive, both for the Campaign Against Landmines 'Ketchup' campaign; and Saatchi & Saatchi NZ scored a Bronze for the World Wildlife Fund 'Leaves' magazine campaign.
    In contrast, Australia only walked off with one Bronze Pencil, won by DDB Sydney for the NAPCAN 'Children See, Children Do' commercial.
    It was not all bad news for Australia: The Glue Society Sydney won two Gold and a Silver as co-creators and directors of the
  • Axe 'The Gamekillers' campaign
  • via BBH New York.
    The expats also did OK, with Simon Foster, now at O&M New York, winning Gold for his
  • Fosters viral campaign
  • in the Cinema or Non Broadcast category. And Saatchi NYC, under ECD Leo Premutico, won one Gold, two Silver and a Bronze for 42 Below Vodka and Stuffit Deluxe; 180 Amsterdam (under Kiwi Andy Fackrell and Aussie Richard Bullock) won three Silvers for
  • Adidas (1)
  • Adidas (2)
  • Adidas (3)
  • and Droga5 won Bronze for Mark Echo 'Still Free' (disappointing, considering this controversial tagging of Air Force One viral stunt won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes last year).


    Young Colenso BBDO team Lisa Fedyszyn and Jonathan McMahon will be off to Cannes next month after taking out the Fairfax Media Cannes Young Creatives competition with a campaign titled Where all Media Comes Together.
    In Cannes, they’ll compete in the global Young Creatives contest. Runners-up were Saatchi & Saatchi team Bex Radford and Tim Howman. 24 teams competed and the winners were picked by Andy Blood, ECD of TBWA\Whybin, who is representing NZ this year on the Cannes Lions Direct jury.


    If you are a Kiwi or Aussie going to the Cannes International Advertising Festival this year, we want to make sure you know where the parties are. We know heaps who are going, but in case we haven't yet made contact, please email:

    Thursday, May 10, 2007


    Auckland: 11 June -15 June
    Fairfax Media AWARD Copy School aims to give young writers the specialist skills necessary to be great writers and with only twelve places available, positions are expected to fill fast.
    Auckland tutors: Toby Talbot, Paul Hankinson, Nick Worthington, John Plimmer, Richard Maddocks, Bridget Short, Darryl Parsons, Jamie Hitchcock and Fairfax journalist Steve Braunias.
    “Copy School came straight out of a very clear need to refocus creative and demonstrate what the persuasive power of great copy can achieve. The industry seemed to be losing it. Our young writers weren’t getting the training and stimulation they intuitively felt they needed,” says
    Ray Black, course leader Sydney.
    In Sydney fourteen candidates have just completed the course. Students travelled from interstate and even Malaysia to receive guidance from some of the best writers in the country.
    The school will also commence in Melbourne and Brisbane in the next few weeks.
    For more details and to download a booking form for the Auckland school please visit www.awardonline.com or email Pauline@awardonline.com or call Pauline on +612 8297 3843


    DDB Executive Creative Director Toby Talbot has hired Paul Hankinson as Creative Group Head to be responsible for the McDonald’s account.
    Sydney-based Hankinson, who will start in June, is no stranger to New Zealand with previous stints at Publicis Mojo and HKM (now Clemenger BBDO Wellington.)
    “Hanko will be a great addition to the place” says Talbot. “He’s bloody funny and he works bloody hard. He was here freelancing for a month and the place didn’t feel the same without him. We all wanted him back. He’s got a huge personality and talent to match. He’s spent the last five years working on big, challenging accounts like Woolworths at M&C Saatchi and Kellogg’s at JWT. Now he wants to do some great work back in New Zealand again.”
    Hankinson, who worked with Talbot as a freelance on the recent NZ Lotteries pitch, added: “Toby and I have always got along famously; whether that would translate into working well together was tested in the cauldron of the Lotteries pitch. We’re treating the win as an ‘it works’.
    “New Zealand has been extremely kind to me. As well as producing the best work of my career so far here, I’ve even managed to acquire a missus from the place.”
    “I’d describe DDB as ‘poised’. It’s already a strong agency, and now Toby’s come in and they’ve won one of the most highly coveted pieces of business in the country. From my point of view, there wasn’t much to think about.”
    Hankinson’s last stint of work in the NZ market included multi-award winning campaigns for Hallensteins, Coke and Burger Rings.


    Sandy Moore has been appointed as DDB New Zealand’s Chief Executive Officer as the agency builds on its recent growth.
    Deputy Chairman since 2002, Moore, who has been with the DDB Group for 17 years, will take on the role of DDB CEO reporting to Australia/NZ Chairman, Martin O’Halloran.
    Prompted by the recent NZ Lotteries win, one of the biggest in DDB’s history, O’Halloran has created a structure that provides more senior focus both on DDB and on the development of its Group companies.
    DDB Managing Director Sharon Henderson strengthens her role to focus on core DDB business, including responsibility for some of the Group’s biggest accounts.
    O’Halloran commented: “Both the core DDB business and our Group businesses have expanded substantially in the past year with the addition of Rapp Collins and resurgence of Tribal. We’re now at the stage in our growth that we want to increase our focus on DDB, while at the same time dedicating senior resource to manage the needs of the other Group agencies.
    “After leading the recent New Zealand Lotteries account win, Sharon will be increasing her focus on DDB clients, and growing and building DDB as a business and a brand. She will also be responsible for Tribal DDB and integrated thinking within the Group, which is a hallmark of our business, together with new business development. “
    “Sandy will manage the diverse range of communications companies within our agency family – our consumer involvement agency WRC, direct marketing specialist Rapp Collins Limb Walker, marketing PR company Mango Communications, and brand agency Imagination, together with overall responsibility for the DDB Group. We will also be launching new Omnicom brands into the market as well as acquiring businesses that complement our existing integrated structure.”
    Moore has extensive experience in agency management. Prior to joining DDB, he was NZ Chairman of Leo Burnett and a member of their Australasian board.


    Ogilvy New Zealand has opened a Wellington office, marking a much anticipated re- emergence into this market.
    Ogilvy will acquire 100% shareholding of boutique Wellington-based advertising agency, Persuasion Ltd from Wednesday, 2 May, when the agency will be immediately re-branded Ogilvy.
    Persuasion Company Director, Julie Powell will remain in the business at the helm of client liaison as well as being General Manager of Media. Livia Esterhazy (pictured) has been appointed Managing Director, having relocated from Sydney to take up the role.
    Making Ogilvy’s integrated marketing proposition available to Wellington has long been the ambition of New Zealand Managing Director, Greg Partington.
    “We are thrilled to be reintroducing Ogilvy to the Wellington market,” says Partington.
    “It’s been over ten years since this agency has had a successful presence here and it’s our intention to launch a full-service agency, with Ogilvy’s complete communications repertoire on offer.
    “Existing Persuasion and Ogilvy Wellington-based clients can be excited by this move. Julie Powell’s experience in the Wellington market is unequivocal. While her priority remains on existing clients, she will also focus on her expertise in media. Livia Esterhazy will drive the business with her strong brand marketing business acumen.
    “The acquisition of this highly respected agency provides us with a springboard from which to grow. We have a credible offer the day we open our doors.”
    Persuasion was owned by Powell, who has been involved in the business since 2002. A key industry player, Powell promises Ogilvy Wellington will have a fresh inclusive approach to provide a powerful offering for existing and potential clients.
    Powell and Esterhazy will work closely together to ensure clients receive the benefit of their collective experience.
    “This is hugely exciting news for the Wellington industry,” says Powell.
    “Ogilvy is globally renowned as a results focused, 360 degree agency with over 60 years dedicated to the building and evolution of brands.
    “Ogilvy Wellington will be entirely dedicated to this market, providing results led, strategic work that will of course be creatively stunning with the focus on communication that works.
    “This offer is unrivalled in the Wellington market, and I am delighted to be part of making it available to existing and prospective clients.”

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007


    NZCC hears there are several retrenchments at Y&R in Auckland and Wellington, including within the creative ranks. Presumably as a result of the Noel Leeming loss in Auckland. More details hopefully soon.


    The finalists for the 27th AXIS Awards have just been released, with Saatchi & Saatchi leading the agency pack with 29 finalists (including Craft), followed by Colenso BBDO with 20 and, surprisingly, Draft FCB in third place with 17 finalists, beating Publicis Mojo (15), DDB (10) and Ogilvy (10).
    The rest of the agencies are well back. (Clemenger BBDO, Wellington chose not to enter AXIS this year).
    The theatre-style awards show will be held at the SkyCity theatre on Friday 1st June, followed by the party over the road at the Town Hall.

    01-TELEVISION: Single Commercial less than 30 seconds
    Nail - Colenso BBDO
    No Friends - Colenso BBDO

    03-TELEVISION: Single Commercial over 30 seconds
    Fresh Up - Colenso BBDO
    Granddad - Colenso BBDO
    Mother - Colenso BBDO
    Restless - Sydney Film Company
    Stitched Up - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Art & the Sixties - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Tiger - Taste it in this Life - saatchi & saatchi nz
    NZI Stolen Stuff - Colenso BBDO

    04-TELEVISION: Campaign less than 30 seconds

    Frank - Colenso BBDO

    06-TELEVISION:Campaign over 30 seconds/different lengths

    Amazing Journeys - Colenso BBDO

    09-TV & Cinema Commercials, Community Service and Charity
    No Two People - Colenso BBDO
    Breathe - Publicis Mojo
    Swim for Life - Lowe

    11-Cinema (includes campaign and/or individual)
    Tiger - Taste it in this Life - saachi & saachi nz

    13-MAGAZINE: Individual Full Page or Spread
    Master & Commander Sickbags - Colenso BBDO
    28 Days Later - Eyes - Colenso BBDO
    River - J. Walter Thompson
    3 Step - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Food TV - Savouries - DDB New Zealand
    Food TV - Pavlova - DDB New Zealand
    Food TV - Cupcakes - DDB New Zealand

    14-MAGAZINE: Individual Community Service and Charity
    Bolivia - Publicis Mojo
    Albatross - Publicis Mojo
    Fallujah - Publicis Mojo
    Sudan - Publicis Mojo

    16-MAGAZINE: Campaign Full Page or Spread or Various Sizes
    Psoriasis, Ulcers, Phlegm - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Food TV - DDB New Zealand

    17-MAGAZINE: Campaign Community Service and Charity
    Bolivia/Fallujah/Sudan - Publicis Mojo

    18-NEWSPAPER: Individual Small Space
    Psych Recruitment - saatchi & saatchi nz

    19-NEWSPAPER: Individual Full Page or Spread
    Ageing - Special

    21-NEWSPAPER: Campaign Small Space
    Whitcoulls Top 100 Teasers - DRAFTFCB New Zealand

    22-NEWSPAPER: Campaign Full Page or Spread or Various Sizes

    History Channel - DDB New Zealand

    24-RADIO: Single
    At the River - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Fresh Baking - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Surprise Visitor - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Sky News - DDB New Zealand

    25-RADIO: Campaign
    The L Word - DRAFTFCB New Zealand

    28-OUTDOOR & INDOOR:Billboard Advertising Single
    Tongue - Colenso BBDO
    Wasted - Colenso BBDO
    Weeds - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Shock Absorber Billboard - M&C Saatchi
    Animal Planet - Brothers - DDB New Zealand
    Animal Planet - Mornings - DDB New Zealand
    TV2 Spiderman 2 - saatchi & saatchi nz

    29-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Transit Advertising Single
    Wasted - Colenso BBDO
    Killzone - TBWA\WHYBIN
    Kingswood - Ogilvy
    Pash - Ogilvy
    Spew - Ogilvy
    Steak sandwiches by the sea - Young and Rubicam Wellington

    30-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Outdoor Campaign
    The L Word - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Animal Planet - DDB New Zealand
    L&P 'Ace for washing down' - Ogilvy
    Art & the Sixties - Hockney, Krays, Twiggy, War - saatchi & saatchi nz
    TV One Sunday - Whatever, Wherever - we expose the story - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Chimp Week - saatchi & saatchi nz

    31-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Guerilla Advertising
    Heroes - Colenso BBDO
    Weeds Car Stunt - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Bike Wish - Publicis Mojo
    Durex Vibrate - DDB New Zealand
    Skidmark/FaultLine/Brick Wall/Car Crash - saatchi & saatchi nz

    32-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Indoor/Outdoor Posters
    Blur - Colenso BBDO
    Dickless - Colenso BBDO
    Whitcoulls Bookshelf - DRAFTFCB New Zealand

    33-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Community Service & Charity Single
    Ball - Colenso BBDO
    Balloon - Colenso BBDO
    Sudan - Publicis Mojo
    Fallujah - Publicis Mojo
    Bolivia - Publicis Mojo

    34-OUTDOOR & INDOOR: Community Service & Charity Campaign
    Bolivia / Fallujah / Sudan - Publicis Mojo
    They weren't born to be worn - Lowe

    35-DIRECT MARKETING: Flat Direct Mail
    Half a Bill - TEQUILA\ Auckland

    36-DIRECT MARKETING: Dimensional Mail

    Weeds Hash Cookies - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Welcome Pack - Draft
    Don't get caught short - AIM Proximity
    Firestone Tyre Swing - TEQUILA\ Auckland

    38-DIRECT MARKETING: e-Communications
    The Bet - Ogilvy
    Adirun - TEQUILA\ Auckland

    39-DIRECT MARKETING: Internet
    Listener - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Worth the Pain - saatchi & saatchi nz

    41-DIRECT MARKETING: Direct-Not for Profit
    SPCA Pencil - WRC

    42-DIRECT MARKETING: Direct-Campaign
    Worth the Pain - saatchi & saatchi nz

    43-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Visual Effects
    Tiger - Taste it in this Life - Digital Post Limited
    Baby In The Water - Digital Post Limited

    44-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Animation/Design & Motion Graphics

    PULP - The Cartel
    Art & The Sixties - Oktobor
    'Stitched Up' - Kaleidoscope - Design Animation Post

    45-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Cinematography
    Baby in The Water - FILM CONSTRUCTION LTD

    46-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Editing
    Baby in The Water - FILM CONSTRUCTION LTD
    Tiger - Taste it in this Life - FILM CONSTRUCTION LTD

    47-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Direction - Visual Style
    Baby in The Water - FILM CONSTRUCTION LTD
    Tiger - Taste it in this Life - FILM CONSTRUCTION LTD
    Art & The Sixties TVC - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Stitched Up - saatchi & saatchi nz

    48-CRAFT:TV/Cinema/New Media - Direction - Comedy/Performance
    Don't Drive - curious film
    Vase - curious film
    Spoon - curious film
    Granddad - Luscious International Ltd
    Restless - Sydney Film Company

    50-CRAFT: Soundtrack - Best Original Music

    Baby in The Water - Genyus Soundtracks Ltd
    Granddad - Soundtrax

    51-CRAFT: Soundtrack - Best Sound Design
    Art in The 60's - Liquid Studios Ltd

    56-CRAFT: Copywriting for Print
    Worth the Pain Series - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Stanley Knife - saatchi & saatchi nz

    57-CRAFT: Copywriting for Electronic
    At the River - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Fresh Baking - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Surprise Visitor - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Natalie Cowan - Ogilvy
    Phil Knight - Ogilvy
    Kevin Townley - Ogilvy
    Stitched Up - saatchi & saatchi nz

    58-CRAFT: Art Direction & Typography
    Kingswood - Ogilvy
    Sudan - Publicis Mojo
    Worth the Pain Series - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Art & the Sixties - War - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Art & the Sixties - Twiggy - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Art & the Sixties - David Bailey - saatchi & saatchi nz

    59-CRAFT: Image (including photography/illustration)

    Sudan - Publicis Mojo
    Fallujah - Publicis Mojo
    Bolivia - Publicis Mojo

    60-INTERACTIVE: Website Design and Art Direction
    42 Below - Story Builder - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Worth the Pain - saatchi & saatchi nz

    63-INTERACTIVE: Online 'Rich Media' Ad
    Help Me - Ogilvy

    64-INTERACTIVE: Viral Video Content
    Weeds Thieves - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Spoons - Publicis Mojo
    Bonded by Beer - Young and Rubicam Wellington
    Worth the Pain Series - saatchi & saatchi nz
    Crossed Legs - Robbers Dog Films Ltd.

    65-INTERACTIVE: Viral Interactive Content
    42 Below - Story Builder - saatchi & saatchi nz

    67-INTERACTIVE: Best Overall Online/Interactive Campaign
    Air Force Special Ops - Frank Advertising
    Worth the Pain - saatchi & saatchi nz

    69-INTERNATIONAL: International Electronic
    Invisibility - The Sweet Shop
    Flashbeer - Plaza Films

    70-MIXED MEDIA: Campaign
    Weeds - DRAFTFCB New Zealand
    Pago Campaign - TBWA\WHYBIN
    Worth the Pain - saatchi & saatchi nz

    71-None of the Above
    Breast Cups - Colenso BBDO
    Nuffield Street Brewbar - Shine
    Bonded by Blood Campaign - TBWA\WHYBIN
    Starkish - saatchi & saatchi nz


    KODAK and AWARD are pleased to announce the KODAK AWARD New Director Of The Year.
    Designed to recognise and promote exceptional new commercial directors in the Asia Pacific Region, the KODAK AWARD New Director Of The Year will honor outstanding commercial directors whose fresh thinking and creativity sets them apart from the rest.
    The initiative offers new directors the opportunity to showcase their brilliance in front of hundreds of creatives and commercial production representatives at two special awards evenings to be held in Sydney later this year.
    "Kodak continues to look for ways to foster creativity and recognise excellence,” says Ingrid Goodyear Director of Marketing and Operations, Kodak Entertainment Imaging, Greater Asia and Japan Regions. “With one third of the world’s advertising emanating from the Asia Pacific Region we are very fortunate to be able to embrace a genuine variety of ideas that stem from the cultural diversity within the region. The KODAK AWARD New Director Of The Year provides the ideal vehicle for the industry to discover new talent whilst promoting a new generation of creativity. "
    A distinguished panel of international directors and creative directors will judge the entries and finalists will be showcased at a special New Directors’ event. The winning KODAK AWARD New Director Of The Year will be awarded a prize of 10 x 400’ loads of 35mm Kodak Motion Picture Film valued at approximately $4,000. This prize will allow the filmmaker to express him/herself with high quality film images and subsequently build upon and enhance their show reel.
    The winner will also be introduced and recognised at the AWARD Presentation Evening to be held on November 30th 2007 and attended by up to 800 of the finest industry members from the region.

    To register your details and receive the Call for Entry in mid July, email award@awardonline.com with New Director in the subject line.

    Tuesday, May 08, 2007


    The music in the current Air NZ commercial on air is getting some good comments around the place. "Almost on a daily basis we are getting enquires about the music track, it's been very popular here," reports Stacey Wah at Soundtrax.
    But apart from the music, what does everyone feel about the spot? It's probably never going to win awards, but is it right for Air NZ?

    Agency: Colenso BBDO 
    Creative: Steve Cochran
    Director: Richard Gibson
    Production Company: Lucious International
    Composer: Jim Hall @ Soundtrax
    Vocalist - Jayne Budai

    Monday, May 07, 2007


    In a major revamp, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington has hired Australian Tim Hall as creative director and former Lowe Auckland GM Cameron Harland as general manager.
    From 2000 to 2004, Hall (pictured) was deputy creative director of Clemenger BBDO in Sydney, and more recently he has been freelancing in Sydney including with Saatchi's.
    Says Mike O'Sullivan, Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand's Executive Creative Director: "Tim's one of those rare people who combine creative flair with experienced management. He's done great work for us in Sydney and he's really excited about joining the Wellington office. He and Cameron will be a great partnership and they'll both be real contributors to us nationally”.
    Says Andrew Stone, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand: "I've known Cameron for a few years. He's a Wellingtonian, and was a client of Saatchi's Wellington when he was at the Rugby Union. He worked for our London office overseeing Toyota and more recently was GM at Lowe. He's full of energy, full of great ideas and keen to get stuck in."
    Stone said in the last three years, under the leadership of Jonathan Russell, the Wellington agency had increased in size, in the quality of its creative work and in the breadth of work it is now undertaking for its clients: "All of that has been fundamental to Saatchi & Saatchi being named Agency of the Year by NBR, Campaign Brief and B&T Magazine.
    "Jonathan has also been leading our expansion into the field of "Shopper Marketing" with the focus of turning shoppers into buyers. It's a huge global focus for us, and we have 400 professionals through the Saatchi network who specialise in that area under the brand Saatchi X. We've asked Jonathan to step up and lead that initiative for us nationally, becoming the New Zealand GM of Saatchi X. Jonathan will continue to be based in Wellington and will continue the partnership with clients there in a Shopper Marketing capacity."


    An Aussie blogger points out that the current BMW pinball outdoor poster, created by Colenso BBDO Auckland, is the same concept as an outdoor poster created by FCB Melbourne for Honda two years ago. It was featured in CB's 'Seen+Noted' at the time.

    Friday, May 04, 2007


    After 33 years, the caxtons are being relaunched, and the caxton people, led by chairman Tom Moult (pictured), chairman of Havas Australia, have issued an invitation to NZ creatives to hear details of the relaunch at Soul restarant at 6pm on Tuesday 22 May.
    RSVP to alice@twodeforce.com.au.

    Thursday, May 03, 2007


    Kiwi agencies and creatives have once again punched above their weight according to the 2007 Campaign Brief Creative Rankings, which have just been published.
    However Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney has regained the number one spot, a position held by Colenso BBDO Auckland for the last three years. Saatchi’s are nearly 500 points ahead of Colenso and nearly double the points of third placed George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne.
    Rises this year include George Patterson Y&R Melbourne (from #14 to #3) thanks largely to the success of the Carlton Draught ‘Big Ad’, Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland are back up there where they belong (from #12 to #4), Lowe Hunt Sydney have rocketed up the chart (#46 to #6) thanks to the Lynx Jet girls, Publicis Mojo Melbourne (#13 to #8) and TBWA\Whybin Auckland (#48 to #12) on the back of the Adidas ‘Be the Ball’ work.
    Some nasty falls include DDB Auckland (#3 to #7), BMF Sydney (#6 to #9), Clemenger BBDO Wellington (#6 to #10), M&C Saatchi Sydney (#5 to #13), Leo Burnett Sydney (# 8 to #16), DDB Sydney (#10 to #22), M&C Saatchi Melbourne (#22 to #35), Whybin\TBWA Melbourne (#24 to #45) and Whybin\TBWA Sydney (#18 to #29).
    In the Top Creative Directors' chart, David Nobay, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, is the new #1, taking the top spot off Toby Talbot, CD of DDB Auckland. Richard Maddocks @ Colenso BBDO Auckland retains the #3 spot, followed by Darren Spiller, ECD of Publicis Mojo Australia (up to #4 from #10), Mike O'Sullivan, ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi NZ (up to #5 from #7), Nick Worthington, ECD of Publicis Mojo Auckland is #6 (down from #5), James McGrath, ECD of Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne is #7 (up from #18), Adam Lance, former CD of Lowe Hunt Sydney, now a consultant, is #8 (up from #74), his boss Lionel Hunt is #9 (up from #106) and former DDB Auckland CD Paul Catmur, ECD of Y&R Australia/NZ is #10 (down from #4).
    In the Top Creatives chart, four current and former Lowe Hunt Sydney creatives share the #1 spot thanks to their Lynxjet campaign: Dejan Rasic, Simone Brandse, Michael Canning (now at BMF Sydney) and Howard Collinge (now a consultant). They take the top spot from former Saatchi NZ CD Toby Talbot at DDB NZ (#5), followed by former Saatchi NZ creative Steve Back (DDB Sydney) at #6, former Saatchi NZ team Dave Bowman and Matty Burton (now both at Droga5, New York) at #7 and #8 respectively, former Lowe NZ CD Josh Moore (now consulting) at #9 (down from #6) and Guy Roberts from TBWA\Whybin Auckland at #10 (from nowhere) due to his contribution to the Adidas 'Be the Ball' work.
    In the Network Rankings, BBDO, for the third year running, is once again firmly on top, well ahead of arch rivals Saatchi & Saatchi at #2, Publicis at #3 and Y&R at #4.
    The CB Creative Rankings count the top four international award shows: Cannes, Clio, D&AD and The One Show; plus the big three regionals: AWARD, The Work and - back after a long break - the Caxtons. (The Kodak Gongs, which have been counted for the last two years since their inception - have since merged with AWARD).
    To subscribe to Campaign Brief contact:


    Despite assurances that it would not be affected by the collapse of Silversceen Auckland in early January, Silverscreen Sydney has gone into administration.
    Tom Dawson at Sydney based GHK is the administrator who said yesterday he will be emailing exact details of the situation soon.