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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Frickin' 42 Below does it again. Again

This was well covered in the NZ Sundays last weekend but:

42 Below is in the pooh again after offering the opportunity to go to Russia on a bride hunt.

The 42 promo by Consortium (no!) offers the winner(s) a trip to Moscow to join a "find-a-bride" tour, praising Russian women because "they don't care if you watch cricket on Valentine's Day, hell they don't even care if you're short and fat".

Good news for NZ cricket.

In 42 Below online stuff, British are singled out for special treatment in an ad which describes the Queendom as the "shining ginger-headed jewel of the Atlantic" and Prince Philip as the "grandfather Kiwis never had because all ours were shot dead at Gallipoli" So true.

So, why isn't fricking Parsons answering his mobile this week?

(Loosely based on the CB blog story with additional local reporting.)

Ollie Langridge flies back to Fish

TVC director Ollie Langridge has come to work
alongside producer Carne Bidwill at Flying Fish.

Ollie's recent work includes ads for Xbox 360, MTV Europe, Michelin,
UNESCO, Emirates and Sci Fi Channel. He’s spent the past two years in
London repped by Renting Eyeballs in Dean Street and the three years
prior in Sydney working for Pod and Capitol.

Good to have him back, eh?

You can contact Langridge and Carne at Flying Fish in Auckland on 309 2294.
Langridge: 021 241 1000
Carne: 021 441 939

Anyone looking for a team?

We are really keen and hard working.
Can send a book at your request.
Any one got a heads up on who is looking?

Toyota RAV4

The whole family laughed out loud. Bloody good.
The print is nice as well.

Connan James


Property developers ain't got nothin' on this:

Certain unnamed creatives from a high profile Auckland agency were seen
dining and drinking late last night at Prego... nothing surprising
there. Except for the fact that
an extra long extension cord could be seen running out the front door
of nearby 'Digital Masters', along Ponsonby Road and into the
restaurant's front courtyard. Any astute bystanders who cared to follow
the cord to its final destination would've stumbled across a split that
was feeding footage from a live Digital Masters studio shoot direct to
the aforementioned creatives dining table.

The shoot flowed along nicely, as did the Veuve.

Out-wank that.

True Story - Property boys beat Ad Wankers any day

Late last week, late afternoon, SPQR. Two guys pull up outside SP in a very late model black Porsche, C reg. Proceed to sit down at far table by Chandelier. Order wine. Order water. Order pizza. Confer conspiratorially.

Then they get up and get into the Porsche, parked immediately kerbside. Firing up the engine/ac they sit in there talking for another 10 minutes with the engine running loudly enough to annoy most of the people sitting outside SP. Especially a group of visitors from NYC and New Jersey.

Pizza arrives. Sits on table going cold for another 15 minutes. Engine keeps running. Guys in Porsche remain cool. Too cool for school, as it happens.

By now, they are being loudly derided by everyone al fresco, including SP staff.

A group of St Peters boys on their way home walk past. The Americans, who have had enough of this wankish behaviour encourage the boys to " steal the pizza, steal the fucking pizza". The boys appear uncertain. Until they are further encouraged by a pissed-off SP waitperson. " Go, go, take those wankers' pizza!". Not needing further encouragement, the schoolboys swoop on the pizza, and leg it. Only crumbs remain.

Guy gets out of Porsche, engine still infuritingly running. Offers excuse : " Look I'm only in the country for a few hours...I've, I've been in Fiji" Huh?

Gets in car, car fucks off at rapid rate of knots, to cheers and clapping.

At least we think they were doing a property deal. The rego was noted. Is there an ad in this?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Kat's appeal for Red Cross support


The New Zealand Red Cross Annual Appeal kicks off today. For those of you who don't know, Jon and I have been working hard over the past few months to advertise this appeal. As well as being the biggest humanitarian organisation in the world, Red Cross is also prepared to aid should a disaster happen in New Zealand. They need to raise $1 million. If you see the collectors out on the streets, please stop and give them some change. Collector's may also knock at your door or pop an envelope in your mail box. And if all this goes a miss, you can call 0900 733 276 or 0900 RED CROSS to donate $20.

Thanking you in advance,

DDI: +64 9 308 5425
Mobile: +64 21 295 6824

Y&R Advertising


24 February 2005


The country’s first evening news broadcast will be broadcast LIVE for the first time from New Zealand

Prime today announced that Eric Young and Suzy Clarkson (nee Aiken) have been confirmed as the new anchors for Prime News – First at 5:30. The new look Prime News – First at 5:30 bulletin will screen from Monday 20 March 2006.

The weekday news bulletin will be anchored by Eric Young, a journalist with over 25 years experience in news, sport and entertainment reporting. As one of New Zealand’s leading sports journalists, Eric has presented a number of key sports and news shows on both free-to-air and pay television networks.

Weekend news will be read and co-produced by Suzy Clarkson who will also read and produce sports news during the week. The presenter for the weekend sports news will be announced in a few days. Suzy has more than 15 years experience producing, writing and hosting television programmes for both sports and news organisations. For the past two years Suzy produced and presented Prime News - First at 5:30 news broadcast, live from Sydney. Suzy has now permanently relocated from Sydney to Auckland.

SKY Television, CEO, John Fellet said "Their talent, vast experience as journalists, and their familiarity to New Zealand audiences, make Eric and Suzy the right team to take Prime News forward into the future," said Fellet.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

because Monday mornings can be a bit serious


sad thing

The bar fridge at Y&R on a Friday immediately following their win of the Bacardi-Martini business. Presumably by now this has been well sorted.


Ooops - sorry this is late getting up on the bloog but it fell down the back of the fax machine.



Clinton comes again

Former President Bill Clinton cruised through Auckland late last week to fulfil his obligations at the Leadership Forum thingo *. It has been well reported what he spoke about and how much he earned so... no point in repeating that.

It has also been reported that the remarkable Peri Drysdale ( the women who got Clinton photographed in a black Untouched World sweater at APEC back in 1999) managed to pull the same stunt again. What's up with those two?

Anyway - imagine Heidi's surprise when 42 wandered into nzcc's virtual office with his SS minders ( wearing his newest UW black sweater) just as Heidi was attempting to clear a paper jam in the fax machine. Heidi was not wearing a black sweater.

Needless to say, the man they call slick Willy has now been appointed to a new honorary position with nzcc and we'll be announcing that officially next week. Hopefully.


(By the way, Heidi's bandages are now off.)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

NZ Direct Marketing Awards: RSVP and NEXUS results from last night

Three agencies share top honours:
TEQUILA\, Colenso.99, and Proximity iD

TEQUILA\ and Colenso.99 won the RSVP Grand Prix for the Farmers Beauty Club
campaign as well as gold, silver and bronze

Proximity iD won the Supreme Nexus for the Air New Zealand Airpoints
relaunch along with 2 golds. Proximity iD also picked up a third gold for
the Progressive Enterprises onecard

Other RSVP Gold Medal winners:
WRC - 4 golds and 1 silver for Coruba Rum 'Get Sponsored by Coruba'
OgilvyOne - 3 golds and 1 silver for Purina Friskies Milkoholics
AIM Proximity - 3 golds for Haunui Farm 'The Don'
TOUCH/CAST - 1 gold and 2 silvers for Telecom Mobile's Rock Paper Scissors
Big Communications - 1 gold for Vodafone 'Pigsbottom'
Y&R - 1 gold for the 2005 Electoral Enrolment campaign

Other Nexus Gold Medal winners:
Simplicity Australasia - 2 golds for Placemakers Enterprise CRM
0gilvyOne and Simplicity Australasia - 1 gold for Purina Friskies
Marketing Impact - 2 golds for Telecom 'Broadband in a box'
The Hyperfactory - 1 gold for Adidas 'Last Man Standing'
Telecom - 1 gold for BeThLeRM - Below the Line Return Measurement
Bank of New Zealand - 1 gold for Data Quality Programme

The Marketing Association will post full results, including silvers, bronzes
and special honours, on Monday at www.marketing.org.nz

Di Rowan joins Silverscreen

Silverscreen has secured Di Rowan as a Director.

Di is probably New Zealand’s most celebrated Casting Director - credited with discovering Oscar winner Anna Paquin, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Kerry Fox, Cliff Curtis, Lucy Lawless and Temuera Morrsion, to name a fairly good few.
Rowan graduated from drama school in England and then directed several TV documentaries and short films before Casting called. Her CV includes work with Niki Caro, Roger Donaldson, Vincent Ward, Christine Jeffs, Steven Speilberg, Jane Campion and Gregor Nicholas.

For a copy of her reel:

Nikki McKelvie
+649 306 6611
mob +64 21830081

Why does CAANZ spam?

We don't get it. But we sure got it.

For 10 days in a row, New Zealand's official advertising organisation emailed its database with reminders about the deadline for entries to the CAANZ media awards.

For 10, 9, 8, 7 etc days, they pushed out html emails to... not just media people, but creatives and God knows who else.

Now - most of us get enough email traffic every day anyway without needing any more. And most of us are bright enough not to need to be told things twice. Some of us even write it down, or put it in our diaries. Or our PDAs. Or stick a post-it on the top of our monitors.

We guess someone thought it was a smart and funky thing to do. Well it wasn't. It was just a pain in the arse.

And that's why the nzcreativecircle ( which is read by a far wider audience than just writers and art directors by the way ) chose not to publicise the deadline.

If CAANZ had simply sent us the details - or posted it on our site like others do ( Young Guns for example ) then you could have saved everyone a little niggle and reached a fair chunk of your target.

In future - please don't spam people. It's rude. It's annoying. And it's so last week.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Attention filmies - something rare and special

We all know how much you crew guys love the earlier series Rangies - there's at least one on every shoot.

This one is pretty spech.

It's a mint two-door CSK - one of only 200 made, this particular vehicle is number 42/200. It would look great parked outside Bambina.

Call 021-996-986 immediately if not sooner.


Official suppliers of old school Rangies to film techs since ages ago.

Hmmmmmm. Interesting....

> ----------
> From: Paul Catmur
> Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 1:16 PM
> To: 'John Drinnan'; Paul Catmur
> c.c.: undisclosed recipients
> Subject: RE: Shortened Version
> Dear John,
> You seem to have trouble reading, which as a journalist I'd always thought was a prerequisite.
> At no point did I say the campaign 'might not have worked but the controversy made me strangely happy'.
> If someone goes to the trouble of writing a reply (as you requested) I think you could go to the trouble of printing it correctly.
> Paul

Where the bloody hell are you?

Interesting new campaign for Tourism Australia from M&C Saatchi Oz. This of course is the reason the local M&C shop had to lose their $5 millionish ( creative) NZ Tourism business.

The background is that, since the Sydney Olympics, inbound Australian tourism numbers have fallen, year on year. This has been concerning the Ockers and Whybins didn't stay in the game long with their last effort for to boost numbers. Lost them the biz.

The new campaign may be a case of "excuse me, your strategy is showing", no matter how well it is executed.

The new campaign line? " So where the bloody hell are you?"

The answer, of course, is in New Zealand. Bugger.

Sun Tzu (deceased)
nzcreative circle strategic commentator

Have a look at the spot here - clearly designed for the US. Let's hope there's some more interesting stuff coming up for more sophisticated markets.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cod Help us.

If you were one of the estimated 7,000 sunscorched and sozzled punters
at the Devonport food & wine festival at the weekend you might have
seen this: Sick of being dumped on by humans and our toxic waste some
fish decided to gather together and protest for change.

What you don't see is the engine from a boat winch which propelled a
submerged frame supporting the placards and giving the impression of
something fishy going on. An hour later the engine burnt out and was
replaced by a scuba diver who propelled it manually.

'Cod help us Indeed!'


BNZ casualties on The Hill

From Mr Lynch:

"CB hears several staffers have been retrenched at Colenso BBDO, Auckland including american creative Travis Sorge who was hired from Saatchi LA less than a year ago. The retrenchments follow a pretty ordinary year for the agency on the business front. Sorge was hired after his Toyota 'Cliff' spot won best of show at the YoungGuns Awards two years back."

We say let's hope he stays in town. He's a very funny guy.


Colenso folk sign the petition at Atlas

Jeanette and her crew from Atlas have been given 24 hours notice to remove their all tables from outside. First and final. You probably know about this already. If you didn't, sign the petition when you get your next coffee/sandwich.whatever.

If you live or work in the Three Lamps area, you may want to support this as well

Al Fresco lover, Herne Bay

Rumour politely denied

The question has been put directly to the right person by a couple of people and the answer they have been given is no. This was apparently just a false alarm. And not a malicious one, either. Stand easy. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em. Please ignore.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Disturbing rumour

A disturbing - disquieting, even, - rumour has reach nzcreativecircle regarding the impending demise of a high profile agency. Well, we found it hard to believe. And after talking to L, T & B for nearly 3 chargeable units ( 18 minutes) we're sitting on this until we have it at least triangulated. Because if it's true, it would be a real bummer.


Recruiter Bares All

Hello All


OK - I’m looking for an intermediate graphic designer for an ad/design agency ($55k); an intermediate art director for an ad agency (up to $80k); a junior web designer for an interactive agency (up to $45k); a slick dedicated mac op for an ad/design agency ($55k); and an intermediate art director for an integrated agency (up to $80k).


Confidentiality, while it goes without saying, can’t be emphasised enough either – it’s such a tiny village out there that we’d simply cease to exist without confidentiality being strictly maintained. I’d like to hear if you’ve had reason to be worried about this in the past.


…and yes, I’ve been following with avid interest last week’s comments about Auckland recruiters. It’s great to find out what’s going on in your heads – no, really. If you’re able to drop me a line sometime about your experiences, it would be useful. And if you’d genuinely like to find out more about those roles - NO tyre kickers thanks!!! - then send me your CV and I’ll see what we can do.




Natalie MacGregor


Level 2, 6 Kingdon Street, Newmarket.


Tel +64-9-966 1854, Mob +64-21-439 639

e-mail: natalie@3rdeye.co.nz



Mojo news

Mojo's PR dept. has breathlessly and gushingly announced to Ad Media that their latest very expensive signing has apparently made it through immigration and customs.

Watch Out! The Catholics are on the rampage!


Next thing they'll be strapping bombs to themselves and camping in C4's reception!


Disclaimer: phat.co.nz accepts no responsibility for the actions of it's members.

St. Johns ad

Have you seen that ad for St. Johns ambulance with that old woman with the nana mug that falls over and presses her armband for help? I keep on seeing it and it makes me laugh each time I see it. It's the worst ad I've seen in ages. Up there with the blue line lettering ads of the early 90's.

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Sorry bloogers.... some hotels don't have sense of fumour like us

Well, Lusty, Trusty and Busty have had a call and they faxed me to say that proobably wasn't a great look for the featured hotel and since we don't have much money, maybe we should pull. Personally, I saw nothing worg with it. In fact, I was thinking about going there myself this afternooon. If I had nothing on. But don't worry, we still have the file on our archives. The mpeg is fantastic and set to music. We are figuring out a way of sharing it with all interested bloogers, boy and girl. ( it's two girls though, of course).

Thought: If hotels don't want this sort of thing, why the fuck do they let people do it in full view several office buildings. (Of course, that's why the girls were doing it...but. God I miss Europe sometimes.)

Heidi xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If it's being reported in the US, it must be true...


Account Summary

Cheri Wood,

Account Summary - http://uk.geocities.com/bares7429

Bridget Beasley, Account Rep. vt0377

Sanyo mag ad genius in Idealog magazine

Page 38, last line.

'To see for yourself, visit The Wharehouse Group or go...'

Who does Sanyo? I feel there may be a business pitch coming up soon.

One Club membership Drive: 26 signed up, 0only 17 to reach 50 target

We just clipped this off Lynchy's blog....because we're a bit tired today and Heidi's buggered off to the beach.:

"The One Way for the Australian and New Zealand creative community to get a bit more influence at The One Club, is to join, like Lynchy did last year. And as 26 others from OZ and NZ have done since Valentine's Day (see list below). All you do is go to THE ONE CLUB
and click the membership button. It's only US$110 to become a member (cheaper than AWARD), which includes an airmailed copy of the The One Show annual (and as a member, you get your name in the book alongside the world greats young and old, including Phyllis Robinson, Lee Clow, David Abbott, John Hegarty, George Lois, Ed McCabe, Hal Riney, Amil Gargano, Cliff Freeman, Dan Wieden, John Hunt, Graham Warsop, David Lubars, Nancy Rice, Mark Waites and Erik Vervroegen).
You also receive the regular one.a magazine (brilliant) and email newsletters.
If the top CDs from Australia and NZ became members (together with our senior teams and TVC production people), there is every chance - with say, 50 members - we would get a regular slot on the jury each year.

Andy Blood (Whybin TBWA, Auckland)
Matt Eastwood (DDB Sydney)
Sean Ganann (Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney)
Michael Lynch (Campaign Brief)
Todd McCracken (Grey Worldwide, KL)
Tom McFarlane (M&C Saatchi, Sydney)
Nick Worthington (Publicis Mojo, Auckland)

Jay Benjamin (Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland)
Cameron Blackley (Publicis, London)
Ian Brown (The Ideas Group, Sydney)
Warren Brown (BMF, Sydney)
Paul Catmur (DDB Auckland)
Luke Chess (Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney)
Nigel Dawson (Grey Worldwide, Melbourne)
Al Dickman (The Pond, Auckland)
Andy DiLallo (Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland)
Mike Doyle (Lime, Sydney)
Duster (Clemenger BBDO, Wellington)
Michael Faudet (DDB Melbourne)
Roy Faulkner (M&C Saatchi Sydney)
Mark Harricks (Clemenger BBDO, Wellington)
Mick Hunter (JWT, Sydney)
Denis Mamo (URSA, Sydney)
James Mok (FCB, Auckland)
David Nobay (Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney)
Andrew Petch (Publicis, London)
Siimon Reynolds (Love Communications, Sydney)
Jeneal Rohrback (Young & Rubicam, Auckland)
Damian Royce (Clemenger Blue Digital, Melbourne)
Ant Shannon (Grey Worldwide, Melbourne)
Hamish Stewart (M&C Saatchi, Sydney)
Guy Venables (LOOK: Productions, Sydney)
Ben Welsh (M&C Saatchi, Sydney)

You don't have to have had something accepted at The One Show to become a member of The One Club, so why not sign up today. It's actually cheaper than buying The One Show annual alone!

When you do become a member, please let Lynchy know so I can add your name to the list above. Email me on michael@campaignbrief.com so I have an idea how many new One Club members sign up from this region."


Monday, February 20, 2006

Shit, sorry, just found this on the floor by the fax machine

I was out having my breasts done this afternoon. Soooo sorry bloogers. It came from Mr Gapes at Ad Media and he faxed it out us as a special update. Sorry it is so late. I think a lot of you would have already got it. Sorry.


The fax reads:


From: Jenene Crossan [mailto:jenenec@xtra.co.nz]
Sent: Friday, 17 February 2006 2:15 p.m.
To: David Gapes
Subject: FW: Fastline update #662

Admittedly, I smiled at the NZ Truth-like headline in the NBR (17/02/06 edition)…“nzgirl’s naked man ad hoax exposed”. I suspect my grin was not the reaction the author was hoping to raise from me. The reality is everyone should have worked out by now that it was a hoax. Surely you didn’t need the paper to tell you that. In all seriousness, if you got sucked into believing that the viral clip portraying the moments after the alleged incident was true, then it may be best that you reconsider the amount of reality TV that you’re ingesting.

There has been much debate over this year’s nzgirl Big Day Out stunt; with more talk than any of the other years combined (is all pr good pr?). I’m not overly surprised by any of this, or that the advertising industry is up in arms about it. When the NBR approached David Walden, he questioned advertiser benefit, wondered why we would do it. While I would never suggest that Devo maybe somewhat miffed that he was seriously taken in by the whole affair (thanks for that phone call mate, I knew I could count on you in the ‘bad’ times), others saying it was the sign of a self indulgent agency.

The industry has been waiting with baited breath for a fall and they got it. It didn’t take much convincing, some of you made up your own version of events. Who was it that saw Paul Catmur ‘visibly shaken’? What a pack of gossips, you couldn’t WAIT to tell anyone who would listen to you about it. I fielded dozens of phone calls from concerned ‘friends’….all after the lowdown. I can assure you that this went much wider than ‘industry only’ (who’s calling who self indulgent?) Look, I know you’re all demure little kittens that don’t get out much – but I know some of you told a few mates outside of work.

And then, exactly how annoyed were you to find out that you were creating the campaign? That every time you opened your mouth or posted on a forum you were making it bigger. What’s the suitable reaction to being sucked in? Bitch. Moan. Slag it off. Tell everyone how much it sucked.

People love gossip. People love to spread vicious rumours about each other. Take down those who are getting a little ahead of their station. And whilst the industry did a stellar job of passing it on – and we are very much indebt to you all for your efforts – we can thank the press coverage, nzgirl’s own 150,000 unique visitors p/month, ZM and George FM that this baby went gone far and wide.

As the advertiser who paid for the campaign, I can say that it has been an interesting experience and admittedly not without its flaws. The challenge to measure pass-on has been hard – we are reliant on forums and emails to keep us in the loop.

At this point, I’d like to pose a question back. How far would you expect a $10k budget to take you? How many marketers would be satisfied that a budget of that size (which wouldn’t pay for the catering on a TVC shoot) managed to make the papers several times, reached two youth targeted radio stations, was the subject of numerous forums and one of the most talked about subjects post the BDO.

My objectives were to reach new members, increase awareness and reach advertisers. Well, we know we covered off agency well and truly and I can report that sales are up. Membership increases around 1500 p/month and our awareness is at an all time high.

Looking at it that simply, I’m pretty satisfied.

I do wish to clarify thought that we were at pains not to waste any official time with this campaign, this was discussed in detail at the planning stage and we have been very clear with the Civil Aviation Authority that it never happened. Also, it pays to keep in mind that we only told a HANDFUL of people that it had gone wrong – we never mentioned any kind of serious injury. Chinese whispers work. The CAA didn’t believe us that we didn’t do anything wrong, because the media KEPT ringing them. Some journalists were just not willing to believe the facts in front of them – that no one saw the helicopter, no one saw the naked man, no one saw the accident, no one saw the injury, there was no air traffic control report, there was no helicopter hired, there was no stunt. Yet, they kept ringing the CAA back. Talk about a dog with a bone

And now we start to get to the bottom of why we did it.


More at ...





Blank blogsite? (Shrugs) Dunno why.

It's 2.05 pm and for some reason we can't get anything but a blank page frpm any browser for this blog. This maybe a Google/Blogpsot outage that wasn't scheduled. Sorry. If you can read this it means it's all been restored.

Hunt ( not my real name)

nzcc it

Agency Websites

Tullo Marshall Warren advertising in London has launched a new website, which a colleague who works there sent to me saying, "This would have to be the best agency website I've ever seen..."
It poses some interesting questions: Are agency websites important?  Do they help attract business?  Or is a flash and sexy site just a bit too self-indulgent?
Thoughts, comments, bouquets, brickbats??

nzgirl discussion post

Please deposit all comments here.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Heidi's had it up to....there.

Thanks for all your comments on the bloog. They're getting a bit boring now. Please lets all move on. Lets see some fresh stuff on the front page . New advertisements. Think-pieces. Commentary. What you did on Saturday night in the toilets at SP. Anything but you know what. Send your faxes to me : Heidithetemp@gmail.com



Razzle Dazzle! - see the world's best presenter make a lot of sense.

Former US President Clinton is coming back to Auckland for the third time next month to speak at a dinner at the Global Business Forum in Auckland on Friday February 24. He just can't keep away.

Bill's a class act; a few of us have seen him speak live before. Probably the best presenter you'll ever witness...

Legend has it that just before Clinton makes any kind of public appearance, he turns to his aids, rubs his hands together and says " okay, let's go Razzle-Dazzle". Whether that's true or not, he certainly does.

This is going to be quite a big deal. Joining "42" will be Michael Eisner, Carly Fiorina ( ex boss of HP - the US computer company, not the sauce) . Supporting acts include Ms H Clark, Ms T Gattung, Gentleman Jim Bolger, Michael Hill, Jeweller and Mrs J Shipley.

So it'll be quite crowded in the VIP room.

This Big Day Out for Thought Leaders is being billed by organisers Duco as an audience with the world's best business minds.

nzcreativecircle would like to offer a free ticket to this one-off event - but we don't have one. If we did have a free ticket, we'd probably raffle it to the highest bidder and give the proceeds to...you know... kids. With cancer.

Actual paid-for tickets start at 1600ish and go to 2400ish but our accountant says it's probably tax deductible and we say it's worthwhile, even if you can't get anything back from Mr M Cullen.

You can bet all the most onto-it senior agency management in Auckland will be there.

For more info go to: http://www.duco.co.nz/



( This has been a blatant attempt to score a free ticket. Thanks for reading)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Horner and Catmur get chairs at Adfest

DDB Australia's outgoing national CD Garry Horner will chair the Print and Outdoor jury at Asia Pacific AdFest, which will be held in Pattaya Beach, Thailand in March. He joins Paul Catmur from DDB Auckland who is chairing the Film jury.

Info courtesy of campaignbrief.blogspot.com

Say no more


Like cars?

Last year this Aston Martin Vanquish was one of 129 very special cars driven from London to Rome in the Cannonball 8000 by the driver pictured and shortly afterwards he and his co-pilot were crowned Kings of Cannonball.

As you can see by the pictures, they kept to the speed limit all the way and broke no laws whatsoever. The Vanquish has been fully serviced by Aston Martin in London and has just arrived in Auckland. Interested parties should go to www.thetoyshopcars.co.nz or call 021 996 986

Friday, February 17, 2006

NZ Girl latest off the fax

Sorry blooger - but due to a 'technical difficulty' the 5pm nzgirl BDO thingo has been delayed until 6.30pm, according to Jenene, the head nzgirl.

Sorry but we do not currently have a direct url to this occurence.

Heidi the Temp

Paul Catmur drops his pants

This from Admedia, NZ:

DDB Auckland ECD Paul Catmur has been forced to finally "reveal" the story behind the staged air accident during nzgirl’s stunt at this year’s Big Day Out.
Today's NBR reports it has "obtained" an email sent by Catmur to the Civil Aviation Authority, in which the DDB ECD says, "we sold a dummy".
The paper says Catmur (right) was responding to a CAA demand for explanations about the hoax, which was (and continues to be) promoted at http://www.nzgirl.co.nz/articles/5981 where visitors can view streaming amcam-style footage (clearly labelled "BDO Stunt") of a naked "victim" writhing in pain.
"We have enough to do without dealing with this [possible "unreported" air-accidents] nonsense," a CAA spokesman huffed to the paper.
"This year," Catmur says in the email, "everybody expected us to do something -- but we did nothing other than spread an urban myth that our stunt had gone wrong."
Read all about it in today’s NBR (it’s not on their website). You can also follow the continuing story at http://nzcreativecircle.blogspot.com/2006/02/nz-girl-newsflash.html.

posted by lynchy @ 12:08 PM

NZ Girl - newsflash

If you've been checking out their site, as we have, every day, you may have seen this:


More later.

Update: We understand NZ Girl will indeed be making a statement on their site at around 5pm as advertised. This would be for their member base and other interested girls, but it's okay for 50-something ad guys to have a perv as well. Really. Should be interetsing. And probably entertaining.


AWARD reviews management.

From the very busy Lynchy:

"At the AWARD AGM held last night, a motion was passed to explore various management options. Two de Force has managed AWARD for the last decade and according to AWARD co-chairmen Darryn Devlin and Paul Prince (pictured), it seems only prudent to review the situation. A sub committee will be formed to look into the matter and is expected to report back within a few weeks."

nzcreativcircle says this may fix a few things, like the ceremony bistelf, and the fact finalists and winners etc are never posted when promised. It should at least make them sharpen up. On campaignbrief.blogspot a certain D. Parsons from Auckland commented:

"Two de Force asked me to come over and help Judge AWARD last year. They looked after me wonderfully and everything they did during the judging process seemed to be pretty good.

Of course, the fact I was even asked to be a judge in the first place shows some
astounding incompetence somewhere."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Matt goes to Manhattan - gets big gong

Reported on campaignbrief.blogspot.com, presumably from AIM's PR dept, ( because it was so fucking long) and seriously edited by us:

"Matt Shirtcliffe, Creative Director of AIM Proximity, Auckland, will be awarded the Irving Wunderman Award for lifetime creative achievement at the 28th Annual John Caples International Awards Show on March 2, 2006 at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion. Shirtcliffe was selected by the Board of Directors of the John Caples International Awards based on the “tremendous quality of his creative work produced over his career.”

Shirtcliffe began his career as a copywriter in 1994 at Colenso (later Clemenger BBDO) in Wellington."

Not a lot of people know this, but he actually began his career in the Colenso media department. But he wanted to be a writer, so he asked and niggled and tried out until they gave him a spot in Creative. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Well done mate.

D+AD Annual 2005-where the fik can I get One?

I heard a rumour that only MEMBERS' can get one...??


By The By-If anyone can recommend a decent stockist-please let this
wonderful blog know.

Can anyone confirm the 'members only' rumour I have heard?

It's a great new approach D+AD 2005-courtesy of the dudes at spin uk.

Find the coolest online games @ http://xtramsn.co.nz/gaming

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Young Guns back at Curious - don't miss out!

The 2005 YoungGuns Winners & Finalist Exhibition

We would be delighted if you could join us for an exclusive party to view the YGAward 2005 Exhibition. This is a great opportunity to see the best talent under 30, and celebrate the local NZ YGAward Winners and Finalists. Hosted by Curious Film & Getty Images on Thursday March 2, 2006 from 7pm @ Curious Film, 26 Putiki Street, Arch Hill, Auckland. Join us for some tall whiskey sours, a juicy pig and fabulous tunes. RSVP to livia@ygaward.com to secure your invite.

Kind Regards
YG Team

Y & R on the piss again

Y&R has won the Bacardi- Martini business.

In a press release, Y&R effectively said the global allignment of this global account to the Mother network gave them sufficient confidence to approach the local distributor, Glengarry Hancocks, and Robert's your Mother's brother.

Brands include Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose Vodka and Dewars.

The Y&R bar should be a lively place on Friday nights. And Mondays. Tuesdays...

Oh yeah....the One Show success.

Looked at Lynchy's blog and reminded myself we'd forgotten to mention the Kiwi that have been chosen to judge at this top-5 award show:

Todd McCracken, Grey Asia Pacific, New Zealand. ( now based in KL) Nice one Todd.

This is the first time, we believe, a Kiwi has been pulled onto the One Show jury. And apparently about half the alien ( that's non-US to you) jurors are from Asia-Pacific.

Nobby from Saatchi Sydney has also got the nod.

The New Look Audi Ads. Anyone Game To Comment?

Find the coolest online games @ http://xtramsn.co.nz/gaming

anyone hiring senior creative?

Read the latest Hollywood gossip @ http://xtramsn.co.nz/entertainment

Scam-Spam from Amsterdam

This scam-spam is kind of amusing so we kept it. Continues into comments.

Go on, claim your prize. ( You must be over 18 )

REF No: NNLP/231-ILGI0431/05
FILE No: KTU/9023118308/03NL
TICKET No:56475600545188
LUCKY No:07-11-12-20-38-44
SERIAL No: 88,768.
We are pleased to inform you of the release today the 14th of February 2006 of the draw (#953) of the NETHERLANDS NATIONAL E-MAIL LOTTERY PROGRAM,online
Sweepstakes International program  held on the 9thth February 2006.
Your e-mail address attached to ticket number:56475600545188 with  Serial number 88,768.drew the lucky numbers: 07-11-12-20-38-44(bonus  no.45), which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category i.ematch 5 plus bonus.You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of eight hundred thousand euros  (€800,000.00)in cash credited to file KTU/9023118308/03NL etc.

Yeah right.

Incidentally, there is a Trade Me watchdog (www.scambusters.co.nz) which is worth checking out... makes for interesting reading, and they do have some success in potting fraudsters. Should be one for advertising too, perhaps.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another beer ad please...

Courtesy of Lynchy and from Saatchi Sydney. Please note, you must be over 18 to view this.


Scandal, rumour - coming soon.

It involves a charity, a DVD, and a cd's command. Details once it has been cleared by Lusty, Trusty and Busty.


Ooh.... a new Speights TV ad. How interesting...

Speights. Pride of the South ( and Saatchi and MTC since about 1990). Now camping out under the stars at Mojo/Publicis.

This is the first work from them for this iconic beer brand. And perhaps for Lion itself. It's not a brand ad as such, but a promo for the Super 14. So, what have they done? Does it signal a change of direction?

Have we seen the last of the two gay guys in the oilskins?

Apparently this spot went to air at the weekend but nzcc were out drinking champagne from a trannie's shoe and missed it. See it here, like we did this afternoon:


What do you think? Please discuss.

Top Advertising Fashion Accessories for '06

Goofy glasses? Film company t-shirts? Gaudy, expensive watches? English accents?
What's it going to be?

Interesting stats ( yes, really)

Our good friend Lynchy now has a fancy counter on his blog. Right now says that since January 27, there have been 11,019 visitors to camapignbrief.blogspot.com.

We don't have a counter - we get our metrics from Google. And since January 27 until the time of this post there have been 6,115 visitors to nzcreativecircle.

Not bad, considering this is a blog for little ol NZ creatives, and Lynchy's target and reach are somewhat broader - Australia's 5 times more populous for a start.

Thanks for your support. And remember, any Firefox downloads go to help... you know, the kids.

If you don't like the content, create something better

It's getting a little bit dull reading posts which complain about how crap this blog is and demanding something interesting. To those witty, snippy creatives who have been wasting everyone's time bitching in such a fashion - hey, why don't you contribute something? Something interesting. Intelligent. Thought provoking. Controversial. Random.
It's an open source blog. This makes it unusual in the blog-world. We want to keep it that way. Anyone can post straight to the front page. You can write about anything you like. You can use your real name, a nom de blog, or remain anonymous. What you can't do is just grizzle and whine for the sake of it. It's your blog. Improve it.


The BrokeBack Mountain Diet

This has been doing the email rounds, but anyway:



Coffee (espresso grind)
2 tubes K-Y

Fresh Fava beans
Aborio rice
Prosciutto, approx. 8 ounces, thinly sliced
Medallions of veal
1/2 pint of heavy whipping cream
1 Cub Scout uniform, size 42 long
5-6 bottles good Chardonnay
1 large bottle Astro-glide

Yukon Gold potatoes
Heavy whipping cream
Asparagus (very thin)
Free Range Organic Eggs
Fresh Lemons
Gruyere cheese(well aged)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
6 yards white silk organdy
White Asapargus ( very thin)
6 yards pale ivory taffeta
Case of Chardonnay

------ End of Forwarded Message

Question of the month

So, when are Mojo going to have a Christmas party?

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Removed two posts tonight. The 4th and 5th since the blog began in September. Just because they were bitchy and irrelevant. You can say what you like, but please keep it relevant, interesting, and if at all possible, witty.

Peter Cook (deceased)

Chairman and Captain of The Rules Committee

C'mon Aussie C'mon, c'mon....

We reprint this word for word from Lynchy's blog without the merest snicker:

"Despite the CB Blog overtaking the mighty Adverblog from Italy on the final day of voting on Friday (CB Blog: 485 votes. Adverblog: 454 votes), competition organiser Dabitch, based in Sweden, has since declared Adverblog the winner after checking all votes received looking for multiple votes from the same IP#. She has knocked a whopping 74 votes off the naughty Aussies, as opposed to only 8 off the angelic Italians to declare 446 votes for Adverblog and 411 for the CB Blog. It seems some overzealous CB Blog fans are nerds who managed to record multiple votes using different browsers and playing with their Cookies."

Better luck next time mate. ;)

Coke Zero - wow that's utter shit - Mojo is that you?

And the lucky NZ Cannes jurors are.....

Nick Worthington on film. Matty Burton on DM. And Tom Eslinger on drums.

Not confirmed. But Sydney leaks like a kangaroo, and Mr Lynch from camapignbrief.blogspot.com is there to scoop it all up.

Dear E-Bay spamming half-wit

You've done this three times now. I've sent your latest post up to eBay. If it's anything to do with your eBay account, you'll be delisted. Please find something better to do with your time, like writing a brochure. It's really not showing incredible IQ, SQ or even GQ.

Heidi The Temp

PS. Do you have a little dick?



13 February 2006

DDB New Zealand Group’s new Director of Strategic Planning, Claudia David, intends building a world class planning department at the Auckland-based communications agency.

David joined DDB New Zealand on 1 February from DDB New York where she was Director of Brand Strategy. Clients included Subaru, Hershey’s, Bank of New York, Philips and Cigna Healthcare.

David was “lured to New Zealand by the great opportunities within the agency and, of course, by the Kiwi lifestyle”, she says.

“DDB is committed to building its planning and strategic resource and I am actively looking for top quality planners who combine an intuitive curiosity with a strategic and visionary mind to discover new opportunities for brands and businesses,” David says.

She is one of 14 members of international network of planners called the DDB Planning Futures Group which shares insights and best practices from around the world and DDB network.

Chairman and CEO of DDB New Zealand and Australia, Martin O’Halloran, says the agency is thrilled to attract someone of Claudia’s talent. “Claudia has worked in the US, the UK and Germany and is one of the most well respected planners in our network. She will create a strong team in this region which will benefit all our clients. We’re very lucky she loves New Zealand and fishing!”


More on that Microsoft-cock ad they wouldn't air anywhere

This was the only one of the three Xbox 360 ads which McCanns NYC made that was any good. The other ones featured a lame water bomb fight and an even lamer skip rope.

They withdrew "Stand off" because of the Underground bombings.

Anon, NYC

Aah, what NZ creatives could have done for any brand with a tenth of that budget. Hey,even a hundredth.


Speaking of Scams

With all the talk recently on here about so-called 'scam ads', perhaps we should enlighten ourselves to what a real scam is all about:
"Some $8.8 billion dispersed for reconstruction efforts in Iraq is unaccounted for, says the U.S. official in charge of tracing it."

New CEO for TVNZ? - Come on down!

News over the last few days that Ian Fraser has finally had his keys to the executive bathroom taken away.

And from Australia that 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' host Eddie McGuire is the new boss of Channel 9.


The TVNZ board are on the lookout for a new Principal, perhaps they'll takea leaf from 9's book and go for a game show host.

So who should it be?

I'll give you a starter for 10: Ridgey and Ellis? Should be entertaining at least. Your suggestions please.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Looks like Lynchy's won - just the standard urine test to go

Campaignbrief.blogspot.com reports they were a slim but useful 33 votes ahead of the Italians at the full-time whistle. Voting has now closed, voted will be scrutinised, sex checked, bloods done and results announced Sunday. Nice.

AIM not looking to replace CEO

Media Release
AIM Proximity expands roles of Managing Directors, Mike Cunnington and
Darryn Melrose, following departure of CEO

Auckland, 10 February 2006 - AIM Proximity, New Zealand's leading direct and
interactive marketing agency, today announced that Auckland and Wellington
Managing Directors, Mike Cunnington and Darryn Melrose, will assume greater
leadership roles following the resignation of CEO Sharon Henderson. CEO
responsibilities will be shared by the Managing Directors working alongside
AIM Proximity founder and Executive Chairman Bill Gianotti. At this stage
there are no plans to look for an immediate replacement in the CEO role.

( That's all we have time for tonight.)

Notes from nzcreative circle IT

We were spammed overnight my a dubious company pushing Photoshop. This happens rarely, as there's a bit of effort involved - like they, the spammer can't just push it out - he or she has to go through the random word verification process which is designed to stop automated spammers getting through and shitting all over the blog.

Lynchy actually has quite a bit of trouble with this, though his tend to be more malicious. We are trying to fix this - and a move off blogspot onto a local server, probably ICONZ, is in the pipe.

Note to spammers. Don't bother. What's the point? You're not going to sell any product and all you are doing is damaging a brand. In this case, Adobe Photoshop.

Have a nice weekend,

Hunt ( not my real name)

nzcc it

Update: The Photoshop spammer was at www.photoworkshopdownload.com, and they're as dodgy as a Publicis charity ad. Don't go near them.

Friday, February 10, 2006

NZ Cannes judges announced Monday

Lynchy reports the Australian and New Zealand jurors for Cannes this year will be announced on the CB Blog on Monday morning, and we peomise to have them on the nzcc site nanonseconds later. Should be interesting. Remember, it's a difficult juggle for Terry Savage to ensure there is no more than one network rep on any one panel. Watch this space.


Go cruisin with Lee Tamahori

This game was made by some lads down in Wellington. It's fucken funny and has given me an idea about what I can do tonight while Kat's out on a shoot.



If that one doesn't work; try:


Scheduled outage tonight at around 6pm

Sorry for the short notice. Blogger.com will be down tonight, Thursday, February 9th, from 9:00–10:00PM PST. Blogspot will be unaffected.

We’re upgrading a database, which gives us more room to grow and will fix some transient comment problems that some of you have had recentl

FYI from Google guys

Hunt ( not my real name )
nzcc it

New Group MD for DDB NZ


10 February 2006


Chairman and CEO of DDB New Zealand and Australia, Martin O’Halloran, today announced the appointment of Sharon Henderson as Group Managing Director of DDB New Zealand, following O’Halloran’s recent appointment as chairman of both New Zealand and Australia.

Currently CEO of Aim Proximity New Zealand, Sharon has more than 16 years experience in above and below the line communications agencies. She will be working closely with O’Halloran and the management team in shaping the DDB New Zealand Group’s future direction.

O’Halloran says: “This is a fantastic appointment for DDB New Zealand, our staff and our clients. Sharon has the right blend of experience, skills and personality. As well, she has a real understanding of and passion for the integrated model DDB has been pioneering in New Zealand.

“I am personally very excited to be working with someone of Sharon’s calibre as we take the New Zealand group forward,” O’Halloran says.

Henderson, who is also currently chair of the New Zealand Marketing Association, says she is thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the DDB Group, working with Martin, the New Zealand team and its clients.

“What really excites me about the business model of the DDB Group is its ability to integrate each discipline at a highly effective level, and with great creativity. That’s something most marketers now aspire to.

“I believe that convergence of media and the growing ability of consumers to select or opt-out of the communication channels they want to interact with are some of the biggest opportunities and threats in marketing today.

“It seems to me that DDB is perfectly poised to capture this opportunity with its integrated model of specialists in brand, direct, digital, sales promotion, PR and media,” Henderson says.

Henderson’s has an extensive advertising and direct marketing background. She joined Aim Proximity, part of Clemenger BBDO, more than 10 years ago following six years as a writer in the advertising industry. Originally a creative director, she was promoted from managing director of Aim Proximity Auckland to managing director of Aim Proximity Australia’s three offices and, most recently, CEO of Aim Proximity New Zealand. She is also a member of the CAANZ board.

DDB is one of the largest communications companies in New Zealand and is the parent company of DDB Advertising, WRC, Mango Communications, Imagination, OMD, MediaWise and Tribal DDB.


The ad Microsoft are refusing to air....


Note to PR hacks who sent the AIM post : in future do not send releases in HTML. Your post has been destroyed by a remote robot.

If you want to post it again, try word or normal email text like everyone else. Duh.

Reasons to live in NZ #4312

From our friends at Adrant up in the North America:

"Joe Jaffe says he heard from a source the reason there were so few URLs in Super Bowl ads was because ABC representatives visited each of the advertisers' sites and if they deemed the content to be too racy, URLs were not allowed in the individual advertiser's ad. While Jaffe states he has not been able to confirm his sources claim, nor have we, it certainly is a plausible explanation for the lack of URLs in ads. Afterall, why wouldn't a marketer want to extend the value of their marketing dollars by driving people to additional marketing messages.

If this turns out to be true, it certainly opens up a very big proverbial can of worms in terms of the power a network has over controlling its advertisers' content. Of course, any network has every right to refuse any ad for any reason they choose but disallowing so many URLs from so many large and trusted brands wreaks of overbearing oversight."

Makes TVCAB look like a walk in the park with < insert name here >

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last day to make Lynchy's dreams come true

There is only today and tomorrow (Friday) left to vote for our Aussie mates in the Battle of the Blogs, so if you haven't voted yet, keep them ahead by also encouraging your peers and friends to vote for the CB Blog. Do it before lunch. Go here:


Just if from Mr Lynch:

Our friends from Palermo are 30 votes ahead of CB overnight. Adverblog Italy have 416 votes to CB Blog's 386. But we know the Kiwis will come to our rescue once again (think ANZACs versus Mussolini back in 42). Make it this morning's mission to get us back in the race -- coz today is the last day.

Oh my God it's true!!

In a special update, Fastline has reported Hywel James is moving to Grey! Those who were at his leaving barbecue last Friday will be relieved to know they didn't get pissed in vain.

From the 2005 NCEA math paper

I'm sure those of you with children will appreciate this more than others. Thanks to Val from Masterton ( not her real name )for this interesting insight into our rapidly improving secondary education system.

Thanks for your clicks

Yesterday you raised 48 US cents for a very important charity.. That doesn't sound like a lot, but it's part of a clear and growing trend of click-throughs from readers. It all ads up for New Zealand kids with...you know....cancer. And with a few things we have planned for later in the year, they'll be looking at quite a good donation from nzcc. Nice.

M. Sorrel
nzcc finance dept

Remember: Firefox is the only browser optimised for Google and Apple and has by far the the best RSS ( real simple syndication system - which means you can have blog updates appear live as they are posted in your toolbar. Not just the blog, but news, other blogs, whatever. And each FF downlaod means a very generous US$ donation from Mozilla via us to NZCCF.

Hunt ( Not my real name)

nzcc it

Clems get new blood

From camapignbrief.blogspot.com ( battle of the bogs finalist )

"CB hears that one time Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore writer, Srinnath Mogeri has been lured to the windy city, starting at Clemenger BBDO, Wellington next month, to be teamed with Mark Harricks. For the two years, the highly awarded Mogeri has been based in Sydney, first at FNL followed by his current abode at George Patterson Y&R."

(Don't forget to vote for the Lynchster. He's such a good kisser)

Heidi the Temp

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Heidi Heidi

As you may know, Neil overseas for a few days and I am in charge of answering the fax and making sure the bloog runs smoothly. If you have any questions at all, send them to me Heidithetemp@gmail.com.

News from the front

lynchy said...

STOP BLOG! The bloody Italians have retaliated alright, adding mucho votes to their total overnight. They now have 280 votes, but are still 50 votes behind the CB Blog (330 votes). Expect a last day rush this Friday 10th Feb, so keep voting, even ask your families (you can bet the Sicilians are).

NZ Girl malachy

What a load of rubbish. Are we really meant to believe that a naked man is kidnapped and slung from a harness? Now, conveniently, we have a dodgey radio telecast, rumour and gossip within the industry and now a really fake mpeg. Let me guess.... it'll all be revealed on the 28th February, the cutoff day for Axis. It feels like an ad for the ad industry not for the general punter on the street. Get back to work and do some ads for real clients you monkeys.

This transmission is confidential and intended
solely for the person or organization to whom
it is addressed.  It may contain privileged and
confidential information.  If you are not the
intended recipient, you should not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance on it.

If you have received this transmission in error,
please notify the sender at the e-mail address above.

Thought for today



Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Your other country needs you

A veritable plea from the legendary Lynch:

"As you may be aware the CB BLOG has been nominated in the Battle of the Ad Blogs 2006, one of five in the category "Best Ad Commentary not from the USA". However, due to the inate laziness of Aussies and Kiwis, only 58 of our 2000+ registered CB Bloggers have so far bothered to click a simple button and vote for us. But it's still not too late for the CB Blog to leapfrog the Italians (210), Dutch (85) and Indians (61)."

However you lazy fucks will have to go to CB and click the button.

( the underam thing is 25 years old, let it go. Go vote. You never know, it might be good for our apple growers)

Wanking Hackers

Unfortunately, this blog was hacked on Sunday night ( twice ) and two particular posts were deleted. A separate email account was also compromised. This matter is being investigated by the appropriate people. No kidding, kids. Thanks for that.

Monday, February 06, 2006


From campaignbrief.blogspot.com

Martin O’Halloran, newly appointed Chairman and CEO DDB Australia and New Zealand, today announced the appointment of Matt Eastwood (right) as National Creative Director/Vice Chairman DDB Australia. Eastwood, who will take over from Garry Horner, will be based in DDB’s Sydney office, and will oversee DDB creative product in Australia.

Eastwood joins DDB from Chief Creative Officer Y&R New York, where he worked on Cadbury Schweppes, Xerox, Weight Watchers and Campbell’s, among others. Originally from Australia, Eastwood has been working in New York for the past two years, as Executive Creative Director/Chairman of M&C Saatchi then as Chief Creative Officer for Y&R.

Prior to that, Eastwood spent three years in London as ECD M&C Saatchi London. He was founding CD at M&C Saatchi in Melbourne and worked at several agencies in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne including DDB Sydney in the early 90’s.

Says Eastwood: "My mission is to lead advertising into the brave new scary amazing world of TV-Internet-plus-all-the-gadgets-we-haven’t-thought-of-yet“

Hart+Larson Launch Ham+Lambert Super Bowl Ad Thingy - Mortensen has brewskis

"Hart+Larson, that agency that tried to hire Neil French has launched a weird site that promises to entertain by allowing us to view a certain Andrea as she watches the Super Bowl and view Super Bowl commercial ratings from the "Hart+Larson patented rating system." Whatever."

Courtesy of www.adrant.com up in North Americee

PS: Today is Superbowl Sunday up in the states and we believe local CIA field operative Gerald Mortensen is having a few brewskis later on at his crib in Point Chev. Gerald's mobile number is...

One moment caller...

Grandpa Munster dead at 82

The BBC has reported that Actor Al Lewis, best known for his role as Grandpa in 1960s TV comedy The Munsters, has died at the age of 82.

"The actor, whose career included stints as a political candidate and basketball talent scout, died on Friday.

His death was announced by the New York radio station, WBAI-FM, where the actor hosted a weekly series."

** BBC Daily E-mail **
Choose the news and sport headlines you want - when you want them, all
in one daily e-mail
< http://www.bbc.co.uk/dailyemail/ >

Kiwis to Cannes?

Lynchy says there’s still no decision on who will represent New Zealand on the three Cannes juries - Film, Media and Direct - allocated to us this year. Probably sometime next week according to Cannes Lions executive chairman, Terry Savage, who is now based half the year in Sydney. Savage says it’s all pretty well decided but he has to make sure there are no conflicts (ie: there can only be one agency creative per agency network on the same jury). The official announcement will probably come via Sandra King at Fairfax, New Zealand’s Cannes representatives. The unofficial one will probably leak out a day or two prior

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pictures from our LA office opening

These scenes of unimaginable depravity were captured by papparazzi at the recent opening of our LA office on Santa Monica Boulevard. They were all there, Patty Hearst, Dabitch, Heidi the Temp, Peter Cook (deceased) and the rest of the NZCC crew. There were a few no-shows : Fleiss sent her apologies and some of the finest and freshest pussy in West Hollywood, Lynchy was busy and couldn't make it and of course, Lee was tied up that night and couldn't get there. (But the truly appalling thing is, it was a school night.)

Anyone who can guess who the sick, twisted person in the little picture is will win a Gmail invite.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Need a job?

Radio New Zealand is looking for a Nine to Noon presenter. Someone who will maintain Nine to Noon's iconic status and exceptional standards while introducing the programme to new audiences. Their new host will have an opportunity to shape the programme....blah blah blah blah....attractive remuneration package....three years, fixed term...yadda yadda something about ethnic and cultural diversity....strictest confidence...here we are:

email hr@radionz.co.nz or contact Networks Manager John Howson ( in strict confidence) on 04- 474 1765 or probably best you calkl him on his mobile today on 027 444 1830.



Friday, February 03, 2006


podmercials... anyone know?

Axis contenders

Still a month to go, plenty of scams still to hit between now and then, but
any obvious contenders for Axis Glory? What's the current hot fave?

Smart not stupid and neither is MacDonnell

Few changes up at College Hill. Brent Smart ( who has been in NZ almost an hour) is new GM of the main agency. Brent is 31. (That's the new 20)

Neil Livingston (36) will retain his MD role and spend a bit more time looking after Colenso dot 99.

Roger MacDonnell's job seems secure for as long as he wants it. (Roger is CEO, BTW.)

That's all really. Read it in the paper.

Who the fuck is NZ Creative Circle?

Need more speed? Go see ICONZ.net. They'll sort you out.

Ian Fraser

Ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Gay gay GAY!!!

The viral everyone's talking about. Except Parsons, because he's too fricken gay to talk up his own thing.


nzcc appoints new chairman - peter cook

In the first of a number of management changes, nzcreativecircle is delighted to announce the appointment of the late Peter Cook to the new role of Chairman. Cook could not be here todat to spin the story, but he channelled that he is quite excited about the new role and the challenges which lie ahead. In a brief statement Cook said:

“I've always been after the trappings of great luxury. But all I've got hold of are the trappings of great poverty. I've got hold of the wrong load of trappings, and a rotten load they are too, ones I could have very well done without."

Thursday, February 02, 2006


No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.14.25/247 - Release Date: 1/31/2006

I've just been checking out all the comments over the last few weeks and in my opinion they seem to be overly nasty and cynical. 80% of the comments sound like they have been written by struggling and bitter ad students 3 months out of Axis adschool. In my world, I'd love to see a bit more  constructive criticism and points of interest on this blog rather than slander and comments which start off with 'your ad's fucking gay...' For starters, did everyone know that 'Mad dogs and Englishmen' closed their doors about 9 months ago and Nick Cohen went to Euro RSCG. This isn't me being an intellectual whore, far from it, but this ill-willed banter will sooner or later lose its charm and when it does no one will read this site.
Vistor from Hawkes Bay.

My Hero

If I was wearing a hat I'd take it off right now.  The new 42 below viral is blimin' genius - again.  Big ups, Parsons.
Mike B

Trumpet Blowing

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that those Trumpet Making Summer Simple ads are fabulous?

Hywel be off to Grey then?

From campaignbrief.blogspot.com:

"CB hears DDB Auckland creative Hywel James (pictured) is set to become creative director of Grey Worldwide, Auckland, replacing Todd McCracken who, as regional CD of Grey, has moved to Kuala Lumpur."

(James is best known for his D&AD winning Volkswagen Superman poster. And farting.)

"Meanwhile, DDB Auckland will soon be losing their deputy CD, American Gerald Mortensen, who is homesick and is heading back home to the States. As a result of the two leaving, the agency is on the look out for more senior talent."

(Safety tip: Hywell James has a valid NZ gun license and packs heat.)

Is TV relevant?

From adrants.com: "The NFL has announced it will place all Super Bowl ads airing this weekend on its video on demand NFL Network, on NFL.com and on Sprint phones. Budweiser will optimize its five minutes worth of ads for the iPod and make them downloadable from Budweiser.com. GoDaddy, of course, has been pushing its ads online for years. Pepsi will have BrownandBubbly.com. Burger King will have the Whopperettes. Who needs an actual television anymore?"

Media types, please discuss.

Update, from Adrants:

Honda Civic 'Choir' Ad Approaches One Million Online Views

On its blog, Wieden + Kennedy London reports its Honda Civic Choir ad achieved 804,000 views last week making for quite an efficient media non-buy.

Steal from the rich...

www. adaid.org.nz

You can't afford to miss the launch of New Zealand's most exciting communications initiative in decades.

AdAid is about to change the way New Zealand advertising and media team together to give a voice to non profit causes.

AdAid invites you to celebrate and to hear from some of your industry's most opinionated and provocative players on the cause campaigns that have inspired them. Did it work? Was there any glory? Does it matter anyway?

Glenda Wynyard, Nick Jones, Mark Champion, Andrew Stone and Paul Catmar will showcase their favourite campaigns and you can look inside the brand new Adaid site.

Join us: 4pm February 23rd at Robin Hood Foundation, 201 Hobson St. (Park at Federal St Car Park - next to St Matthews.) Drinks and refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP by replying to this email address:


[Adrants] Recommendation: Controversy Surrounds New Zealand 'Big Day Out' Helicopter Stunt

georgeWBush(43)@crawford.com has sent you a link!

Buzz on Adrants, dudes...

Title: Controversy Surrounds New Zealand 'Big Day Out' Helicopter Stunt
Link: http://www.adrants.com/2006/01/controversy-surrounds-new-zealand-big-day.php

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Header: Lets get a few things sorted.

Long time reader
First time blogger

Dear Mr Anonymous.
Firstly, the CoastGuard print ads were signed of by the CEO of the New
Zealand Coastguard. Making it a legitimate campaign not a scam, as a certain
finger pointer out there would like everyone to think.

Secondly, this campaign was developed into its current form as a team. If
you have any questions you can contact Nick Worthington, Janelle Shearer,
Andrea Price, Derrick Kim or myself directly. (915 6656).

Everyone worked really hard to get this campaign off the ground and
produced. If you don't like it as an ad, fine that's up to you. Give your
opinion and a reason why you think it's bad but please don't try and destroy
it for a bit of fun.

I haven't bothered to comment before, as everyone involved knew the truth. I
have been prompted to comment after reading how nasty this whole site has
become. It's turned from a site of people talking about ads to personal

I know this site will remain Anonymous, I myself will always use my name.

Karl Fleet
(the actual Karl Fleet even though I have read many posts which have used my